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From Problem to Resolution: The Journey of a Bug

21 August 2019  
by Anna LaskyAnna Lasky
From Problem to Resolution: The Journey of a Bug As the Proton QA for CodeWeavers, I have seen quite a few bugs.  In fact, practically every bug that has been fixed since Proton was released a year ago, including those listed specifically in the changelog and many more, has been tested by me.   Sometimes there is a bug that is so fun to watch or to reproduce that I almost can't stop.   One such bug was a mouse bug that affected every Unity title (or at least every one I tested!).  The behavior:  a) Moving your physical mouse upward causes the game camera to move downwards and to the right.   b) Clicking the mouse causes the camera to shift 1 pixel down and 1 pixel right.  I took this…

Wine, CrossOver & Proton — What's the relation?

21 March 2019  
by Anna LaskyAnna Lasky
How are Wine, CrossOver and Proton related? (What the heck are you even talking about?) I was informed by our Marketing Director that some folks don’t quite understand the relationship between Wine, CrossOver, and Proton and are curious about it.  I couldn’t have been less surprised -- a year ago I was in the same boat. Like many explanations, I will start with an analogy.  Imagine a snail: Wine is like the squishy living creature at the center, and CrossOver is the outer shell that you see and interact with when you pick up the snail.  And Wine is not just any snail; this one can replace Windows! What is Wine? First, it helps to understand what Wine does.  Please bear with me as I rely on another analogy; imagine that…

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