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Whining about Wine

5 June 2012
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
We recently helped The Humble Indie Bundle and Playdead bring the game Limbo to Linux. By all reports, this has been a smashing success.  Limbo is a fantastic game, and it is now easily accessible to Linux users. We are proud to have been part of this process; we made it possible to quickly and easily include Limbo in the bundle. However, a small but vocal minority of the Linux community feels that this port is evil or wrong, strictly because it uses Wine.  I understand their raw emotion; it feeds from three fundamental concerns.  First, they fear that a Wine port will produce a lower quality result. Second, they feel that by encouraging game makers to use Wine, we are discouraging the use of alternate tool kits, and therefore…

Rattle Ye Saber…

9 May 2012
by James RameyJames Ramey
It’s coming!  It’s coming!  On May 15th, the world (as we know it) will change forever with the release of Diablo III (otherwise known as the second coming – or third coming, really,).  Gamers tremble at the mere thought of taking on the Prime Evils (again); fighting as a Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, Witch Doctor, or Demon Hunter (again); and trekking through a mythical, beautiful, savage world (again).  And while this feels a bit ‘played-out’, NO ONE doubts that it will be TOTALLY AWESOME.  No one, except CodeWeavers.Don’t get me wrong.  We think the game is going to be EPIC.  Our staff was glued to their keyboards during the Beta testing (literally glued, they refused to leave or eat or bathe).  But as a…

New World Order

30 April 2012
by James RameyJames Ramey
As Interim CEO, I’ve been told that it’s my responsibility to write a blog post for our customers.  I’m not entirely sure that the Actual CEO ever blogged.  The only discussion I remember about blogs was the marketing department repeatedly asking for comments that never came.  But that was the ‘Old World Order’, and it’s a new day at CodeWeavers.  And where there’s a new day, there’s always someone happy to blog on and on about it for tens of other people to roll their eyes in disgust.  Fortunately, I am not one to blog.  I am more prone to interpretive dance.  No, I’m not that guy either.  I guess I’m just a guy who is attempting to find his place in the ‘New World Order’.So what is the ‘New…

The Wind is blowing simple

23 March 2012
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
There is a sequence in Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies: Dogbert's Big Book of Business that I've always liked. Dogbert, the management consultant, comes into a decentralized organization, and advises: "Centralize!" Next, he goes into a monolithic organization and advises: "Decentralize!" I also am proud of my management philosophy. Years ago, Priority of the Day was trendy, where managers would shift priorities depending on how they felt that day. In the Internet age, that is clearly not fast enough, so I have devised my sure-to-be award winning strategy: "Manage like the Wind!(TM)", where you shift priorities as quickly and as arbitrarily as a gust of wind. My staff loves this, let me assure you 😊. So I…

Reflections on 15 years

12 May 2011
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
This month marks our 15th year anniversary. We're having great fun with it; you can check out our videos and the fantastic promotion we're running to go with it. I hope it all helps you to enjoy CrossOver goodness. It's been a very interesting ride, these past 15 years. CodeWeavers is my second company; I was a partner in another company, Holten, White & Associates, prior to striking off on my own to found CodeWeavers. I founded CodeWeavers because I wanted to do interesting and meaningful work, work with people I respected, and have fun at work. I'm glad to report that we've succeeded on all three fronts, although some of our dark days in the mid 2000s were very challenging. We started out as a general purpose consulting…

The Prophecy of Linux (again)!

31 March 2011
by James RameyJames Ramey
There was a period of time in the mid-to-late 1990's when many technology pundits predicted that Linux would 'rule the world'.  These 'early adapters' actually believed that the citizens of the world would succumb to the truths of Linux and realize en mass that Linux was the more robust, more efficient, more stable, and FREE operating system.  All the writing was on the wall, and there was no doubt (none) on the part of the pundits that everything was going to 'line-up' perfectly for Linux.  Geeks everywhere were preparing to celebrate as 'the people' were going to CHOSE their beloved (and pure) operating system.  There would be a 'new world order'!  CATS AND DOGS LIVING IN HARMONY, OH MY!; and so on and so on and so on.My CEO is one…

Where's the Service?

26 February 2011
by James RameyJames Ramey
Chance are if you’ve recently looked for help while shopping in a department store, ordered fast food through the drive-thru, purchased groceries using a self checkout line, or asked technical questions regarding items at a ‘big box’ retailer, you’ve experienced bad service (and for the purpose of this rant blog, bad service also includes no service).  My own personal experiences as a consumer have me believing that most companies now consider service to be a ‘luxury item’ not included in most standard transactions.  Whether this ‘no service here model’ is a result of companies trying to aggressively reduce costs to meet their current economic conditions or a means of meeting the expectations of price driven consumers,…

Is Software Romantic

14 February 2011
by James RameyJames Ramey
I'll be brutally honest with you.  I'm not good at Valentine's Day.  I'm just not good with holidays that I believe were created by Hallmark for the sole purpose of selling greeting cards.  To that point, I'm also not good at Mother's Day; Father's Day, or any of the second tier holidays (Columbus Day, Arbor Day, May Day, Earth Day, or President's Day).  But that's another blog altogether.  So as I sit at 4:30 PM on Valentine's Day wondering aloud as to what constitutes a romantic gift (and what can be acquired at this point), I am left to ponder the merits of software.  CAN SOFTWARE BE ROMANTIC?If getting what you want for Valentine's Day is romantic and what you want is software, then I say 'yes' software can be…

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