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Is that a defining business model?

31 August 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
Does your business model define your business?  It’s an interesting question that we at CodeWeavers think about regularly.  Our business model is somewhat unconventional compared to those of our competitors.  We offer one technology, CrossOver, which is packaged for two platforms, macOS or Linux, with three levels of support, none or one-year or one-lifetime.  Our customers choose their platform and the level of support, which includes all software updates, upgrades, and help desk, they need for running Windows applications on their macOS or Linux systems.  Experienced customers or customers with older Windows applications (that are rarely or ever updated) tend to select CrossOver One-Version; whereas, most Mac customers and…

3 Ways to Maximize Your Porting Revenue

13 June 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
One of the questions that I often get when talking with developers looking to port their Windows applications to the Mac or Linux platform is ‘where is the best place to distribute my newly ported software?’.  It’s a logical question.  If you make an investment in your Windows application / game / utility in porting to another platform, you’d naturally like to maximize the return on that investment.  And ideally, you’d like to maximize as quickly as possible.  To start, there is no ideal solution for distribution.  Just like in selling to Windows’ users, it takes research combined with time, effort, and energy to drive revenues.  And while there are significantly fewer applications / games / utilities for Mac…

? Insane CrossOver Install Video Will Give You Butterflies

7 June 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
We’re getting really excited at CodeWeavers with regards to our CrossOver Android Tech Preview.  Our development team has made incredible progress on this product, and we’ve very close to delivering an official release to the Google Play Store (within weeks really).  For those that don’t know, the next official release of CrossOver Android will have support for Office 2010, 2013, and 2016; support for the Steam client; support for countless games (like Wizard101); and support for hundreds of other applications right ‘out of the box’.  Additionally, we’ve spent considerable effort and energy in allowing end users to try countless other Windows applications on their own.  Some of these applications will run.  Some of…

Why Choose CodeWeavers Porting?

12 May 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
At CodeWeavers, we work with nearly 100 Windows software developers in porting their applications to the Mac and Linux platform.  Many of these software companies are looking for ‘new markets’ for their software and that more customers means more sales.  These companies are aggressively seeking out means for generating more revenue; and for these companies, porting just makes sense.  What makes sense for one company may be insurmountable for another Windows developer.  So I ask, “is porting the right solution for your software?”  >>> Is Your Company Getting Its Slice of the Billion $ macOS Market? To be fair, I’m very biased in favor of porting.  I’m not at all objective.  I believe that…

Is your company getting its slice of the Billion $ macOS market?

4 May 2017
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
If you’re the leader of a software development company who's engineered a successful, Windows-based application, you may have considered porting it to macOS. After all, if you could access a new and lucrative market, your company's sales and profitability should increase, and it could measurably accelerate the growth of your business. Seems simple and appealing enough. But experienced executives know that if something seems simple, it probably warrants closer examination. Since your company is probably an order of magnitude smaller than Oracle, when you decide to pursue a new market, the money for that venture usually comes out of your own pocket. You're presumably comfortable taking risks, but those risks need to be measured. You want a reasonably…

I Didn't Renew CrossOver - A Horror Story

27 April 2017
by Katie GraceKatie Grace
It was a bright sunny morning. The birds were chirping merrily away outside my window as I awoke to the familiar ping on my phone alerting me I had a new email. Sunlight streamed through my bedroom window into my eyes, as I reached over to pick up my phone. I groggily peered at the blinding screen, flicking to my email. “Codeweavers Renewal whateveryadayadayda Renew today!” Grumbling to myself, I archived the email. Surely this could wait until later.  How very wrong I was.  Suddenly with a crash it began to downpour outside. Apparently it was going to be one of ‘those’ kind of days. I shuffled out of bed, only to realize I had slept in! I clambered over my bed and grabbed the first pair of clothes I could that happened to be in a…

6 Reasons (1 bad) Why You Should Renew CrossOver

25 April 2017
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
So you got your CrossOver renewal notice. Big whoop-de-do. You have 14 days to renew and you’re smart enough to know that even if your CrossOver subscription is expired, CrossOver will continue to work. You know that you will not be able to get updates or support. But, hey, you don’t need that anyway because your Windows software is running as smooth as silk. What you need is five good reasons and one not so good reason to entice you to reach into your wallet, grab your credit card and renew CrossOver today. Well here you go! If you renew within two weeks of your CrossOver subscription expiring, you save 50% off a new one-year subscription.You get a complimentary phone support incident. That means, you can call our support staff one-time, free of…

To Install or Not Install Windows On A Mac

13 April 2017
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
Are you looking to run Windows apps on your Mac computer? You bought a Mac because of the design and functionality, but there is no native Mac version of your favorite PC game or productivity app. So do you install the latest Windows 10 on your macOS so you can use that one app?  You know you don’t want to have to use a second computer for a single program and there’s no way you’re switching to a PC full-time. In this article I weigh out your options for running your Windows apps on a Mac. We get this question often. At least once or twice a week. Usually a snarky social media comment, but nonetheless we get it. Why would anyone need Windows on a Mac? Well because there's: No Mac version of the softwareBetter games for WindowsAccess to…

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