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"You’re only as good as the world allows you to be!" - A Reflection on the Release of CrossOver 14

29 October 2014
by James RameyJames Ramey
It’s been almost two weeks since CodeWeavers released CrossOver 14 for Mac and Linux.  James Ramey, President of CodeWeavers reflects on the trials and tribulations of getting a new release of our CrossOver software out the door.   "Why so serious?"  One of my favorite movies characters is Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker from The Dark Knight.  The character is so entertaining that you overlook the nuances and depth of The Joker; and because Ledger was so convincing in this role (as if it were a part of himself), you forget that he spent almost six months preparing to become this character on screen.  In many ways, I consider this latest release of CrossOver 14 to be a similar artistic…

How to Get Hearthstone Running on Utopic Unicorn with CrossOver 14 Linux

23 October 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
All too often the release of a Linux distribution leaves CrossOver broken and we are left scrambling to find a quick fix for our customers. Fortunately for us, Ubuntu 14.10 is truly Utopic. CrossOver 14 runs right out of the box and supported Windows applications like Hearthstone run seamlessly. For Ubuntu 14.10, we ran through the two most popular spins (Unity and Gnome) and found no glaring issues. Here is a quick guide on how to get Hearthstone running on Utopic Unicorn with CrossOver.    1.) Download the latest version of CrossOver from our site. Installing CrossOver 14 on UnityInstalling CrossOver 14 on Gnome2.) Let the Ubuntu Software Center install CrossOver.    3.) Locate…

Game Changer - World of Tanks Mac

20 October 2014
by James RameyJames Ramey
To state that I am hooked on World of Tanks is an understatement.  Over the last year or so, I’ve logged nearly 6400 battles.  But unlike most everyone else in the game, I’m playing on a Mac computer (MacBook Pro - 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7; 16 GB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M Video Card).  I’ve been playing on the Mac computer since CodeWeavers started working with Wargaming to port their highly successful free to play title to OS X in late 2013.  And after a year of development and testing, the Mac version of World of Tanks will soon be released to the masses around the world.  I am very excited as the release of the Mac version of World of Tanks marks how far CodeWeavers technology and the Apple…

8 Great Features of CrossOver 14

16 October 2014
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
It's that time of year again, when CodeWeavers launches yet another release of its core product CrossOver for Mac and Linux. After a year of development and months of vigorous testing we're shipping CrossOver 14, which includes the very latest release of Wine 1.7.25. Together, the ninjas and pirates of CodeWeavers compiled a list of the 8 best features of the newly released CrossOver 14.1.) We’ve added support for Quicken 2015, along with numerous bug fixes for Quicken 2011-2014. 2.) We’ve added support for the games: Hearthstone Cube World Path of Exile Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos & Warcraft III: The Frozen ThroneEuro Truck Simulator 2 Terraria South Park: Stick of Truth Xenonauts 23.) We've redesigned the user interface to make it…

CodeWeavers Wishes a Happy 6th Birthday to Wizard101

25 September 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
Happy Birthday Wizard101! This month, Wizard101 celebrates six years being live. It's a great milestone for  KingsIsle Entertainment, it's a great milestone for me. It brings me back to my early days at  CodeWeavers; before I was the Quality Assurance Manager, before I understood what an online community could accomplish.   Six years ago, I sat at my desk with a few months of tech support behind me. My boss (sounds so formal), the CEO of CodeWeavers, came to the ninja pit full of excitement. He was starry-eyed over a new game, Wizard101. He wanted to know if  CrossOver could run it and wanted to know if one of us would be willing to take a look... to test it.   I raised my hand.  …

Where are you?

27 June 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
"Where are you?" echoes in my mind. It's leftover from my years in high school when I would play an exorbitant amount of video games at my house and the houses of various friends. I have fond memories of "being seen" and then hiding so I could creep up and slay the enemy. Ah yes, the days where video games ranked high as my entertainment and my relief from the world. In that period I was often told that video games would never be a source of income and that very few people made a living from testing them. I would tend to agree. I would further emphasize the truth in that statement in today's world. Especially with a perspective triple "A" title, the beta testers and alpha testers line up around the block and test for free, spending hours running a…

Coffee Perks

20 June 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
There are great perks in most respectable work places that the employees of that company come to enjoy. CodeWeavers is no exception to this and over the years I have been witness to many offerings. We adjust as the needs change and as the whimsy of our fearless leaders moves. From time to time we joke about carwashes and xp points becoming the basis for a pay scale. The truth is, the comforts we have in our small company are great. We know each other well, we get along and we share varied but common tastes. One of those is coffee. All day long. Not everyone in the office is a coffee drinker. Some prefer tea or beer or water or other such "things". Then, there are those of us who are avid coffee drinkers and because both the CEO and President are…

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Microsoft Office 2010 via CrossOver 13.1.3

22 April 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS released on April 17, 2014. with it are a slew of new features. The release comes nine days after the end of Windows XP and is perhaps one of the shining alternatives people are considering... but what about all of those Office products one might still need? Today we'll take a look at how easy it is to setup Microsoft Office 2010 with CrossOver 13.1.3. This entry assumes everyone has gotten here: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is installed and is up to date: Head out to our website and download a trial of CrossOver: Then, double click the download to open with the Ubuntu Software Center: Once installed, launch CrossOver by locating the icon: Or by opening a terminal and launching it with…

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