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Why Windows Software Isn’t Always Available on Mac and Linux

6 March 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
It’s a real mystery, plaguing millions of Mac and Linux users everywhere. Do software companies think several formidable competitors already established?  Do developers assume that their underlying technology is absolutely incompatible with macOS or Linux and therefore foresee a development nightmare?  Do they unknowingly claim that the market is not attractive enough for them?  ISN’T ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH???  And there lies the aforementioned mystery! And my struggle. In an age of declining revenue growth throughout the computer industry, what if I was to give you the opportunity to significantly increase your software sales?  Would you find that ‘attractive’? According to the most recent data on computer shipments…

ZARJ and the NASA Centennial Space Robotic Challenge

So this is not a story about Microsoft Office, Crossover or any of our normal things. This is about two CodeWeavers engineers and their friends having some fun in their free time. Oh and it includes robots!  So if you are hoping for more juicy news about Android or Office 2016 you will have to tune in later, but didn’t I mention robots! So to start things off Jeremy White has been coaching High School First Robotics for quite a while now. This year is the first year he was transitioning from full coach to assistant coach. So a number of his friends, including myself, started suggesting that maybe he needs to find a non-high school robotics competition to take a stab at.  Then we stumbled across The Space Robotics Challenge presented…

It's Been a Long Time Coming (and we've been waiting)

With the release of CrossOver 16, CodeWeavers finally makes good on their promise to deliver support for Microsoft Office 2013 on the Mac and Linux platforms. It’s a promise that was initially made in late 2012 and one that has taken over four years of continued and consistent development to fulfill. And now (finally), we have a version 16 of CrossOver that includes this support. With that introduction, I proudly present to you the newest, latest, and greatest version of CrossOver, CrossOver 16.While it would be great to sit back and enjoy this moment (pause), CrossOver 16 ushers in a host of other new and exciting features like 64 bit support; it’s based on Wine 2.0 which includes thousands of improvements to Windows compatibility; Quicken updates now…

Creating Visual Studio C++ Objects in Wine

2 December 2016
by Andrew EikumAndrew Eikum
Recently, one of our clients needed a Windows DLL implemented that exported C++ objects compatible with their existing application when run under Wine. While this was new to me, this is actually something we already do in Wine. We have implementations of Microsoft's Visual Studio C++ runtime objects, which are used by lots of applications. Applications which use those objects expect to get C++ objects from Windows DLLs like msvcp. I've never worked with this code before, and I don't do a lot of assembly-level work, so it was a fun learning experience for me. Wine is a C-language project, but we export C++ objects that are compatible with applications built on Windows. We even support Visual Studio RTTI data, constructors, destructors, and so on. I…

The Times Are a Changing

3 November 2016
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
When did it hit me that the times were a changin’ at CodeWeavers corporate Headquarters (and no it wasn’t when Bob Dylan got awarded the Noble Peace Prize for Literature)? Maybe it was when we introduced CrossOver on a platform not in our sandbox – ANDROID. Or when we lost our COO of 14 years to a new career opportunity, or rearranged the office (everyone had to move offices and have a new office mate), or chalk painted furniture, or had an office pet for a day, or when the conference room moved, or the standard monthly company meeting date moved after 20 years in existence (revolution). AND we bribed attendance with bagels instead of donuts. Or was it when everyone went from a Linux or macOS to a Windows system?Just checking to see if you are still…

I've Enjoyed The Hell Out Of This Place!

23 September 2016
by Jon ParshallJon Parshall
Today feels incredibly weird. After fourteen lovely years here, today is my last day at CodeWeavers. I've accepted a senior management position at a non-profit up the street called College Possible , and I start next week. So this morning I sit in my now much emptier office, no artwork on the walls, most stuff already bagged up and taken home. I'm basically just waiting around for my goodbye lunch.I've enjoyed the hell out of this place. CodeWeavers has always been like family to me--a slightly broken, dysfunctional family, of course, but all of them basically good-hearted, and really, really smart. I've worked in big companies before. I've dealt with the politics, the hidden agendas, the turf wars, the nonsense. I've had none of that here. This place has…

What Lies Ahead for CrossOver Android

7 September 2016
by James RameyJames Ramey
The morning of August 25 started off like any other morning in beautiful Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Minnesota State Fair opened its gates to hundreds of thousands of its citizens all looking for Sweet Martha’s Cookies and pork chops on sticks. The weather was unseasonably cool at 73 degrees. And the Minnesota Twins would go on to lose their seventh straight game, this time to the Detroit Tigers, 8 – 5. But as is often the case, history takes place on days like these. Unbeknownst to much of the world, CodeWeavers released its Tech Preview of CrossOverAndroid.CrossOver Android is a utility that allows people to run some Windows applications on their Intel Android device or a select number of Intel based Chromebooks. That description in and of itself…

Get ‘Yer Chromebooks Ready! The CrossOver Android Preview Drops Tomorrow.

24 August 2016  
by James RameyJames Ramey
FINALLY!!!! We have arrived at the cusp of Androidism. It’s taken us two years, nine months, two weeks, and a day to get to this point in the process. At by this time tomorrow, CodeWeavers will release the Tech Preview of CrossOver Android to the select users who signed up for initial access. Over the past two years, nine months, two weeks and a day, the product has changed and changed and changed again all in the hopes of somehow being useful on Android devices. Think about this…When this development started, there were few, if any, Intel based phones. When this development started, there were no Intel based tablets. There was no X86 Android project. There were no Intel based laptops or clamshells. Our development team essentially built a solution…

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