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Two Weeks in CrossOver: Microsoft Office 2013 installs and launches

13 July 2015  
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
It's been another busy two weeks in Testing Land:We spent time reading through and updating our Fedora documentation to ensure we mention dnf instead of yum, where appropriate. During this review we consolidated some of our Linux sound troubleshooting pages and flagged out-of-date pages so they will no longer show up in Google searches. Our bi-weekly testing cycle with Wine 1.7.46 did not reveal any new regressions within CrossOver. We retested bugs with Excellerate and created a basic CrossTie for the application. The developer of Virtual DJ Studio 7 stopped by our site to leave feedback: His words inspired us to create a CrossTie of Virtual DJ Studio and try it out on El Capitan. For CrossOver 15 development, we added the extension .cxlog to all log…

I Hate The New MacBooks

30 June 2015
by Jon ParshallJon Parshall
With outspread hands, Tim Cook causes a MacBook to float in mid-air, for the pleasure of a group of the fawning faithful... Look, I know Apple is the most successful company on the planet. Everything they do is golden. When Tim Cook announces a new product, it's as if pearlescent unicorns suddenly start barfing out rainbows of magical cashflow that run shimmering through the land. Lines of fervent supplicants, hopeful tears running down their cheeks, stretch out the doors of Apple's retail temples: the faithful waiting to be guided to the altar by chirpy, blue-shirted acolytes. Newly anointed consumers swoon in orgiastic rapture and start speaking in tongues. Apple can do no wrong. So I know what I'm about to say is literally heresy. But here it is:…

Another 2 Weeks, Another Wine Update

29 June 2015
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
Two weeks ago we welcomed a new MacBook Pro into our mix. This dual GPU updates our spread of hardware for game testing and brings the AMD Radeon R9 370M to our capable hands and allows us to continue our testing on the Intel Iris. We said goodbye to our Nvidia GeForce GTX 750M and sent it live out its years with our Support Ninjas at the CodeWeavers HQ. First we tested the general functionality of Power BibleCD. This included tests with installation, menus, data entry, and printing. Then we turned our focus to World of Tanks and the bug reports of red and green flickers in the garage. We were able to reproduce this on most in-house Intel chips prior to an update from Wargaming. Since the update we haven't been able to reproduce the flicker and…

The 10 Things I learned at E3

25 June 2015
by James RameyJames Ramey
This year, I was fortunate enough to attend E3 in Los Angeles. For those that do not know, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo and spotlights the upcoming video games and other things electronic (mostly just video games) from all the top developers in the world. E3 is much like being at Las Vegas, if Las Vegas was on Red Bull and hadn't slept for 48 hours or so. And while it's hard to focus on any one thing in particular, I was able to learn quite a bit during my two days in California.1.) Teaming is everything. Games are moving away from the simple premise that it's you vs. the computer game. Now, it's you and your teammates vs. people from around the world in a variety of combat situations / simulations. Games are more about 'team sport' and…

It’s All About the Team at E3 – The Super Bowl of Computer Gaming

18 June 2015
by James RameyJames Ramey
This week, I am at E3, the Super Bowl of computer gaming! Right off the bat, I noticed that game studios have fully embraced this whole team aspect thing. It's not you vs. the bad guys. It's you and 15 or 20 of your teammates vs. 15 or 20 people on another team fighting to the death within a certain time limit in a confined area no bigger than a phone booth. Mass carnage with surreal graphics in mind-blowing locations at a frantic pace. And again, it's your team vs. the world. No team? No problem! These games are more than happy to put you on a randomly created team from a pool of available players just waiting to get a taste of the action. As I step up and play on a random team, I instantly notice the lack of cohesiveness that results in decisive…

Selling Software, Sexist Google Data, and What the Actual Hell, People?!

So, we've been messing around a lot with Google's A/B testing tools on our website lately. Like, a lot. This toolset allows us to "test-drive" alternative versions of our site for a select audience of live customers, and see which option puts more money in the bank. I like A/B testing. It paid for our new margarita machine, so what's not to like? It's intellectually intriguing, too, because sometimes very subtle changes in copy, or images can have an impact on how users interact with the site. For instance: people like pictures of people, not product boxes. So we've learned a lot, which has also been really cool. And also sort of depressing. Some of the many women who've unsuccessfully hawked our software. None of you could even get a date…

CodeWeavers Experiments with Oculus Support for Mac and Linux

29 May 2015
by Andrew EikumAndrew Eikum
CrossOver now has support for the Oculus Rift!Well, our internal testing builds do, anyway. Here at CodeWeavers, we're excited about what virtual reality can bring to gaming and other computing applications. The Oculus Rift is currently the largest VR (Virtual Reality) headset available for purchase, so we've decided to integrate support for it into CrossOver.Once we've released support in our public builds, playing Windows Oculus games with CrossOver on your Rift will be just as easy as with any native Mac OSX or Linux Oculus application. Integration between your Windows Oculus application and your hardware should be seamless. We've been "testing" ;) with a DK2 here in the office, and it's been an impressive experience.Caveats? There's a couple. This is an…

The Zen of Rolling Rocks Uphill

I'm coming up on my 13-year anniversary with CodeWeavers in the next couple months. And the question of the hour is: why did I decide to come to CodeWeavers, rather than staying in my previous role as an IT consultant? And was that a good call, particularly given that my livelihood is connected to an insanely difficult open-source technology like Wine? Our fabulous parking lot. Note the shocking lack of BMWs and Porsches... Flash back to the summer of 2002. I was working as an independent business analyst, doing a gig at a large local real-estate firm. I was making very good money. I was also absolutely bored to tears. So when Jeremy White came calling, saying he needed a right-hand man to help him run CodeWeavers, and that he couldn't really…

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