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Pirates vs Ninjas

9 May 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
So today, Stefan was helping someone that posted a cry for help on our forums. In digging a bit further, he discovered that this guy was actively working against us, as you can see by searching for bonkeykong on this pirate site.So this is like stealing a car from me, then giving the garage door opener in the car to a buddy so the buddy can go to my garage and steal my other car. Then, after he's driven around a bit, he calls me up and asks where to find the gas cap. If I had that much gall, I'd be a much richer man.It's also terribly amusing that the poster doesn't realize that we essentially give away our work for free, and that there is a straight forward way to get this for free, that has forums where people will help him, and where his willingness to…

Keeping up with Wine

17 April 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
I thought I'd take a minute to go a little more in depth on our recent announcement of 'experimental' builds of CrossOver.It is a very exciting time for Wine - we've been making great strides on our way to Wine 1.0, and I'm thrilled with that progress. But sometimes we struggle with the success and progress of Wine. We'll get customers that come to us and say "CrossOver stinks, Wine runs my application much better." And what can be deeply frustrating is that often Wine will run their application because of our work. This has long been a struggle for us; while we do a lot of the active development on Wine, we take a lot of time to refine that and polish it so that it works reliably before we ship a CrossOver release. Sometimes that makes people…

How the fun and Games started

25 March 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Today we shipped CrossOver Games. I am very excited by this change; I have enjoyed computer games all of my life, and I like the idea that we can help others enjoy their new computers fully. I'm also tickled by the story of how CrossOver Games came to be, and thought I would share it with you all. We have long focused on productivity applications. Now, last year we did officially add support for games, and we made a few hires so that we could more directly support all of the great work being done in Wine on games. But, truthfully, our core focus has been on productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and Quicken. So go back to last fall and early this winter. We're hard at work on the back breaking work of fixing Office 2007, Outlook, and…

Time for the Big Game!

13 March 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
My entire life has been centered around playing video games.  I come from the generation that just played the heck out of games.  From my earliest Atari 2600 with 40 or 50 games to my Nintendo box, I have always been enchanted and captivated by video games.  Not that I was ever good enough to take on the world or even the best in my neighborhood, but I have always enjoyed the mental break that is derived from focusing on nothing else but dominating your enemies.As I am getting older (and wiser), my focus is changing.  I appreciate more strategic games with less action but a more encompassing story.  I no longer want to destroy the world but instead save it from the bad guys (whomever they may be).  I no longer wish for the…

Roadmap for 2008

10 March 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
I'd like to explain how we decide what to work on next and share our plans for 2008. First, the big picture: the goal is to finish Wine so that it is a perfect reimplementation of the Windows API, thereby runing nearly all Windows applications flawlessly. That is a huge challenge; it's going to take a while yet. And since I continue to miss the right Powerball numbers, we continue to bring out new releases of CrossOver to bring polished, if incomplete, versions of Wine to our customers. The idea is that we bring you joy with Wine as we work towards the ultimate goal, and that in gratitude, you buy CrossOver so we can buy food, mortgages, and more Powerball tickets. Deciding how best to focus our efforts so as to both bring our customers the most…

The Best Athlete

25 February 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
The Minnesota Vikings use to employ a philosophy of drafting the best available athlete regardless of their position or the team's immediate needs. An interesting philosophy in that the Vikings believed that with the best athletes they could and would win a Super Bowl Unfortunately for the Vikings, this rule did not apply to coaches who lose NFC Championship Games at home. Yes, the loss to Atlanta (even after all these years) still stings. For sales, many companies ignore the 'best athlete' philosophy and hire based on tenure, industry experience, product knowledge, and market connections. I have always believed that hiring in this manner is a poor indicator of future success, and I believe that it is only prevalent in my profession because its the safe…

My Nirvana (no not the band from Seattle)

18 February 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
Every great once in a while a sales rep hits what can only be considered 'Nirvana'. Account management is on target; customers are happy; leads are coming in the door; the phone is ringing; and proposals are going out. All the good stuff that every sales person dreams of when they picture the "perfect day". The opposite of Sales Nirvana, of course, is the reality that is every other day of your existence - not Nirvana. For the past four months (wow, four months), I have found my own slice of Nirvana at CodeWeavers. In learning the software, I am amazed and excited at the possibilities of what we have to offer. CrossOver eliminates the need for the Microsoft operating system!!! That's exciting. Any viable option to Microsoft is exciting, and I think…

CodeWeavers and CrossOver: An Introduction and Beginnings

15 February 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Welcome to our first public blog post! We plan to use this blog as a tool to share news tidbits and thoughts that don't fit into formal announcements or press releases.My hope is to share our thinking and plans as they evolve. I also hope that this will help spur folks to write to us to share ideas and thoughts on how we can do a better job. While we try to have a broad range of forums, both general and specific to applications, you should always feel free to write me directly at anytime at this first post, I wanted to start with a look back, and share my story and the story of how CodeWeavers began our mission.I have always been a self-confessed computer geek; my passion for programming and computers started as I'd crouch at…

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