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I Didn't Renew CrossOver - A Horror Story

27 April 2017
by Katie GraceKatie Grace
It was a bright sunny morning. The birds were chirping merrily away outside my window as I awoke to the familiar ping on my phone alerting me I had a new email. Sunlight streamed through my bedroom window into my eyes, as I reached over to pick up my phone. I groggily peered at the blinding screen, flicking to my email. “Codeweavers Renewal whateveryadayadayda Renew today!” Grumbling to myself, I archived the email. Surely this could wait until later.  How very wrong I was.  Suddenly with a crash it began to downpour outside. Apparently it was going to be one of ‘those’ kind of days. I shuffled out of bed, only to realize I had slept in! I clambered over my bed and grabbed the first pair of clothes I could that happened to be in a…

6 Reasons (1 bad) Why You Should Renew CrossOver

25 April 2017
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
So you got your CrossOver renewal notice. Big whoop-de-do. You have 14 days to renew and you’re smart enough to know that even if your CrossOver subscription is expired, CrossOver will continue to work. You know that you will not be able to get updates or support. But, hey, you don’t need that anyway because your Windows software is running as smooth as silk. What you need is five good reasons and one not so good reason to entice you to reach into your wallet, grab your credit card and renew CrossOver today. Well here you go! If you renew within two weeks of your CrossOver subscription expiring, you save 50% off a new one-year subscription.You get a complimentary phone support incident. That means, you can call our support staff one-time, free of…

To Install or Not Install Windows On A Mac

13 April 2017
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
Are you looking to run Windows apps on your Mac computer? You bought a Mac because of the design and functionality, but there is no native Mac version of your favorite PC game or productivity app. So do you install the latest Windows 10 on your macOS so you can use that one app?  You know you don’t want to have to use a second computer for a single program and there’s no way you’re switching to a PC full-time. In this article I weigh out your options for running your Windows apps on a Mac. We get this question often. At least once or twice a week. Usually a snarky social media comment, but nonetheless we get it. Why would anyone need Windows on a Mac? Well because there's: No Mac version of the softwareBetter games for WindowsAccess to…

Voting for The Wine Project Sticker is Now Open

10 April 2017
by Jana SchmidJana Schmid
Everyone knows the internet is the friendliest place on earth.  Cue Rrrrrrpppppp.  Record scratch. So when the honor of creating a WINE sticker for the Wine development community flew across my desk, you can imagine my pure delight. Cue Om shanti shanti om. Sarcasm. Not only was it decided that I would design the sticker (versus sending it to a graphic design shop), but it was also decided that I would wear these stickers on my sleeve and give the Wine Community, the CodeWeavers Community and anyone with a computer a vote as to which one they would like to represent the Wine Project. #blessed Now you are probably wondering why I am whining (no pun intended), why I begged and pleaded and bribed the owner and CEO of CodeWeavers to hire a…

Is That a Laptop in Your Pocket? Or is Your Phone Just Really Smart?

6 April 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
If you read my blogs, you know that I am somewhat passionate and somewhat of a strong believer in convergence.  To recap, technology convergence is the concept of having one single device for all your technology needs.  Today, most people have a desktop computer AND a smartphone AND MAYBE a laptop, a tablet, an iPod, an e-reader, a gaming console, a camera, VR, and quite possibly some other device(s) for their growing list of technology needs.   The problem with a segregated technology life is that you end up having bits and bytes (and sometimes chunks) of information and data spread out on various hard drives and/or ‘in the cloud’ AND you have to carry around multiple devices to complete multiple tasks.  Whereas one device, like a…

Microsoft Office on Chromebook Coming in Our Next Android Tech Preview

There is something to be said for progress.  Maybe, it’s the sense of accomplishment.  Maybe, it’s the ability to look back and confirm how far you have come in a relatively short time.  Or maybe, it’s just realizing the potential derived in that moment.  Whatever it is, I’m a fan. It’s been a few months since I wrote a blog about CrossOver Android.  It’s been a few months since I touted the technology and potential of the offering.  But after several months of development, I am writing this blog using the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2013 on an ASUS Flip Chromebook.  And if I am being honest, IT RUNS REALLY WELL!!!!  Our developers have spent hour, upon hour, upon hour building a software for…

How We Make the Sausage – Release and Development Branches in Wine and CrossOver

Here at CodeWeavers, customers often ask questions about how CrossOver is made. We get inquiries ranging from fairly basic to extremely technical. Involved and curious users are among the joys of basing our product on an open-source project. With CrossOver 16.2 coming out, I thought it would be a good time to talk about how we manage development and release branches for CrossOver. On the spectrum of things one might say about Wine, the topic is only a moderately technical one. It is a common question from our users, though, on our web forums and in our live chat support channel. For starters: CrossOver’s ability to run Windows applications comes from Wine. Wine is an open-source software project with a twenty-plus year history. The interesting part…

Why Windows Software Isn’t Always Available on Mac and Linux

6 March 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
It’s a real mystery, plaguing millions of Mac and Linux users everywhere. Do software companies think several formidable competitors already established?  Do developers assume that their underlying technology is absolutely incompatible with macOS or Linux and therefore foresee a development nightmare?  Do they unknowingly claim that the market is not attractive enough for them?  ISN’T ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH???  And there lies the aforementioned mystery! And my struggle. In an age of declining revenue growth throughout the computer industry, what if I was to give you the opportunity to significantly increase your software sales?  Would you find that ‘attractive’? According to the most recent data on computer shipments…

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