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'In-Cider' Info: CodeWeavers Working on 64-bit Support for macOS

7 May 2018
by Brian MathieuBrian Mathieu
Starting April 12, users running the current version of macOS High Sierra were greeted with a warning  the first time they launched any non-Apple app that wasn’t 64-bit. See above for what it looks like in CrossOver. Apple has been migrating its software along with its hardware from 32 to 64-bit over the past few years. There are several reasons why transitioning to 64-bit only is inevitable and advantageous: 64-bit apps have access to more memory and allow for much more efficient performance. As Apple introduces new OS-level technologies, they are written for and require 64-bit only apps. When you have the ability to run both 64 and 32-bit apps, all of the libraries, frameworks, and parts of the operating system that the applications rely…

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