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Two Weeks in CrossOver: Microsoft Office 2013 can be tested in Wine

28 July 2015
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
The last two and a half weeks of testing were heavily occupied with attention to World of Tanks and World of Warships. With World of Tanks we began by triaging a crash that started with the 9.9 update. We fixed the issue quickly and sent a new build to Wargaming. We followed this with a fix for a severe drop in framerates with the 9.9 update. A fix for the framerate issue and a mouse offset issue is on it's way to Wargaming now. We continue work on a rendering issue that lights up the garage as though it were decorated with blue LED lights on Intel based systems. For World of Warships we spent a majority of the time working with the black screen a user would be met with upon login. The problem is related to Wine Bug number 35397. With more testing…

Two Weeks in CrossOver: Microsoft Office 2013 installs and launches

13 July 2015  
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
It's been another busy two weeks in Testing Land:We spent time reading through and updating our Fedora documentation to ensure we mention dnf instead of yum, where appropriate. During this review we consolidated some of our Linux sound troubleshooting pages and flagged out-of-date pages so they will no longer show up in Google searches. Our bi-weekly testing cycle with Wine 1.7.46 did not reveal any new regressions within CrossOver. We retested bugs with Excellerate and created a basic CrossTie for the application. The developer of Virtual DJ Studio 7 stopped by our site to leave feedback: His words inspired us to create a CrossTie of Virtual DJ Studio and try it out on El Capitan. For CrossOver 15 development, we added the extension .cxlog to all log…

Another 2 Weeks, Another Wine Update

29 June 2015
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
Two weeks ago we welcomed a new MacBook Pro into our mix. This dual GPU updates our spread of hardware for game testing and brings the AMD Radeon R9 370M to our capable hands and allows us to continue our testing on the Intel Iris. We said goodbye to our Nvidia GeForce GTX 750M and sent it live out its years with our Support Ninjas at the CodeWeavers HQ. First we tested the general functionality of Power BibleCD. This included tests with installation, menus, data entry, and printing. Then we turned our focus to World of Tanks and the bug reports of red and green flickers in the garage. We were able to reproduce this on most in-house Intel chips prior to an update from Wargaming. Since the update we haven't been able to reproduce the flicker and…

CrossOver 14.1.1 Release Demonstrates CodeWeavers Commitment to the Wine Project

CodeWeavers company policy is to give every improvement, no matter how tiny it might be, back to Wine. In fact, we practice this policy by committing almost everything to Wine first and then bring it over to CrossOver so we can test and check changes before providing it to our customers. It isn't easy to understand exactly how it works but, but with the release of CrossOver 14.1.1 we have a perfect example.Five weeks ago we discovered that joysticks do not work on the Mac OS if they call for WinMM support. More specifically, five weeks ago we discovered that joysticks do not work for games like Final Fantasy VII and Vanguard Princess when they are running on the Mac OS. Although this had been broken for a very long time and reports of it were scattered…

How to Manually Uninstall and Reinstall Pirate101 on your Mac

24 November 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
It happens, sometimes an update goes terribly wrong and any number of strange things begin to happen. A fresh install of Pirate101 may be the fastest way to get back to playing. Before starting these steps, get the latest version of Pirate101 here! Locate Pirate101 in your Applications folder and drag it to the trash: Go to your "Library" folder. - Click on Finder - Choose the drop down menu option "Go" - Hold down the "Option" key to make "Library" visible and select it Inside the Library folder, go to "Application Support" and locate the "Pirate101" folder. Drag it to the trash. Inside the Library folder, go to "Preferences" and locate the "com.kingsisle.pirate101.plist" file. Drag it to the trash.…

How to Get Hearthstone Running on Utopic Unicorn with CrossOver 14 Linux

23 October 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
All too often the release of a Linux distribution leaves CrossOver broken and we are left scrambling to find a quick fix for our customers. Fortunately for us, Ubuntu 14.10 is truly Utopic. CrossOver 14 runs right out of the box and supported Windows applications like Hearthstone run seamlessly. For Ubuntu 14.10, we ran through the two most popular spins (Unity and Gnome) and found no glaring issues. Here is a quick guide on how to get Hearthstone running on Utopic Unicorn with CrossOver.    1.) Download the latest version of CrossOver from our site. Installing CrossOver 14 on UnityInstalling CrossOver 14 on Gnome2.) Let the Ubuntu Software Center install CrossOver.    3.) Locate…

CodeWeavers Wishes a Happy 6th Birthday to Wizard101

25 September 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
Happy Birthday Wizard101! This month, Wizard101 celebrates six years being live. It's a great milestone for  KingsIsle Entertainment, it's a great milestone for me. It brings me back to my early days at  CodeWeavers; before I was the Quality Assurance Manager, before I understood what an online community could accomplish.   Six years ago, I sat at my desk with a few months of tech support behind me. My boss (sounds so formal), the CEO of CodeWeavers, came to the ninja pit full of excitement. He was starry-eyed over a new game, Wizard101. He wanted to know if  CrossOver could run it and wanted to know if one of us would be willing to take a look... to test it.   I raised my hand.  …

Where are you?

27 June 2014
by Caron WillsCaron Wills
"Where are you?" echoes in my mind. It's leftover from my years in high school when I would play an exorbitant amount of video games at my house and the houses of various friends. I have fond memories of "being seen" and then hiding so I could creep up and slay the enemy. Ah yes, the days where video games ranked high as my entertainment and my relief from the world. In that period I was often told that video games would never be a source of income and that very few people made a living from testing them. I would tend to agree. I would further emphasize the truth in that statement in today's world. Especially with a perspective triple "A" title, the beta testers and alpha testers line up around the block and test for free, spending hours running a…

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