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CrossOver Joins the Party with Version 18

19 October 2018
by Hana PagelHana Pagel
CrossOver joins the party... It’s been a big year for CodeWeavers. This summer we marked the momentous 25th Anniversary of Wine with all our nearest and dearest in The Hague, Netherlands. Not long after that, we (finally) unveiled the work we’ve done for Valve to help bring high-quality gaming to Linux via Proton and Steam Play.  >>>Wine and Steam — A Major Milestone The CodeWeavers’ milestones of the last year have accompanied a wave of advancements to Wine and its related technologies, which have brought an unmistakable sense of joy and energy to the Wine community and beyond. I’m happy to announce that our latest release brings some of that celebration home to CrossOver.  What’s new?  First up,…

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