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5 Pa$$word Best Practices — Tips and Tricks to Make Managing your Password Less Painful

28 January 2018
by Jeremy NewmanJeremy Newman
In this day and age it is paramount to force yourself to adhere to strong password policies. Laziness and hubris would have us use the same easy to remember password everywhere, but don’t do it! It never ceases to amaze me how many people use passwords like: “password”, “1234”, or “qwerty”.  As the System Administrator of CodeWeavers, I’ve put together 5 password protection best practices. Never Reuse! Never EVER use the same password more than once. This one is critical. If one password is figured out, you reduce the potential damage by eliminating duplicates. Use a Password Database. When creating unique passwords everywhere, it becomes near impossible to keep track of all of them unless you have the mind of Sheldon Cooper.…

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