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Who Do You Think You Are!?!?!?!?

1 August 2019
by James RameyJames Ramey
CodeWeavers is going through a re-branding process right now.  I should clarify.  Our Director of Marketing, Ms. Jana Schmid, is going through a re-branding of our company – I’m just riding ‘shotgun’ to her efforts.  Actually I’m not even riding ‘shotgun’, I’m just being a pointy-haired executive adding my tidbits into the conversations as that’s what pointy-haired executives tend to do.  And while my MBA is in Marketing with emphasis on brand strategy, I was mentally prepared to defer these conversations to the *experts* who LIVE this experience 24/7. But sitting back got me thinking and made me realize that I LIVE this brand.  If much of re-branding is about defining who you are as a company, then I am this…

Creating a Culture. Building a Company. Impacting the World.

I never imagined that I would be at CodeWeavers for 11 (going on 12) years.  When I applied to be the Vice President of Sales in 2007, I was looking for a ‘step up’.  I had just completed my MBA.  My wife and I welcomed a daughter to our family earlier in the year.  And I was traveling 35 to 36 weeks a year at my then current position which was creating some home-life challenges.  At that time when I looked in the mirror, I really wanted to find an executive level position that validated my newly minted diploma that provided better pay with considerably less time away from home that helped fill out my resume for the ‘next big thing’.  Instead of some great big job search, I ended up applying for just one position and…

Linux — The Final Frontier | The Results

24 January 2019
by James RameyJames Ramey
It has been a longer and more arduous journey switching from macOS to Linux than I expected.  I knew that there would be challenges.  I knew that there would be compromises.  I knew that I would have to give up the familiar to learn something new.  Likely, I think I overestimated my abilities to quickly disseminate technology and apply it within my daily routine.  It has become evident to me that it is the journey and not the destination that has defined this migration; and, the pains I have felt along the way have been ones of growth in learning and working with Linux. >>> Linux — The Final Frontier | Part One >>> Linux — The Final Frontier | Part Two To be clear, I haven’t gone back to…

Linux — The Final Frontier | Part Two

5 June 2018  
by James RameyJames Ramey
“You judge a man by the tools he uses to get the job done.”  My dad shared this wisdom with me when I was 10 or 11.  He was a farmer.  He grew up and spent much of his life in North Dakota.  He was an incredibly hard working man with an endless work ethic.  And he was quick at sizing up the people around him.  When I inquired as to ‘why?’, he simply stated that a smart man chooses the right tool for the job and puts that tool to good work.  Somehow, someway, this advice has stuck with me for over 35 years, and my dad’s wisdom holds true to this day.  It’s simple but true.  A smart man picks the best available tool for the job and puts it to good work by making it an extension of him. >>>…

Linux — The Final Frontier | Part One

1 June 2018  
by James RameyJames Ramey
The migration from macOS to Linux – The start of the journey!President’s Log  — Start Date:  06/01/2018 I lied to myself, to my family, and to my friends as my reasoning for joining the CodeWeavers team. I told them (and myself) that I joined CodeWeavers because of their mission, their people, the compensation, and the flexibility that comes with working for a technology company.  But if I’m honest, I was most drawn to the 15” MacBook Pro that came with the position.  My CEO was smart about it too.  He brought the MacBook into the interviews.  He showed it off to me.  He even allowed me to test it out a bit.  It made me want to be the Vice President of Sales at CodeWeavers.  >>>…

How do you hit a moving target? The Challenge of Supporting Microsoft Office 2016

The struggle is real.  After nearly four years of really hard work to deliver support for Microsoft Office 2016, we’re not quite ‘there’ yet.  Our developers are still struggling with supporting Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 365.  Try as we might, these versions of Office are proving difficult to support.  How difficult?  Imagine trying to take a picture of a cheetah from the back of a flatbed truck that’s screaming across the Serengeti at 90 miles per hour.  Now add a cross-wind and throw in some other animals that need to be swerved around and make this happen in the dark of night.  That’s roughly the challenge that our team is encountering in supporting Office 2016. >>> O CrossOver 17 — How…

3 Tips for Transitioning to Chromebook — A European Experiment

14 November 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
As I boarded my flight from Minneapolis to Warsaw by way of Paris, I was struck with an eerie feeling that this was the first business trip in ten years where I didn’t have my trusty MacBook by my side.  Not only was I leaving behind all the technology that I knew (and loved), but I was venturing out into the world with little more than a fleeting hope that I’d manage to be as productive and entertained with my newfound Google Chromebook.  Failure to do so would mean I’d spend countless hours in my following weeks catching up on productivity lost.  The mere thought of returning to very late nights hunched over my computer answering e-mail upon e-mail upon e-mail gave me pause that maybe this experiment would have been best served…

Is that a defining business model?

31 August 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
Does your business model define your business?  It’s an interesting question that we at CodeWeavers think about regularly.  Our business model is somewhat unconventional compared to those of our competitors.  We offer one technology, CrossOver, which is packaged for two platforms, macOS or Linux, with three levels of support, none or one-year or one-lifetime.  Our customers choose their platform and the level of support, which includes all software updates, upgrades, and help desk, they need for running Windows applications on their macOS or Linux systems.  Experienced customers or customers with older Windows applications (that are rarely or ever updated) tend to select CrossOver One-Version; whereas, most Mac customers and…

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