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Mission France

18 February 2010
by James RameyJames Ramey
CodeWeavers is now preparing to become a French citizen.  Like French fries, French cut green beans, and French Bread, CodeWeavers is going to have a French presence.  We are in the process of releasing our new French based CodeWeavers website with native support for French speaking customers.  Its a radical departure for our company.  Like other software developers, we harbored the belief that a distribution network made up of value added resellers and various partners was the more logical means for distributing our software to the masses (especially the foreign masses).  This 'acceptable means for business' is being challenged by the available technology.  With a VoIP phone, a website written in said foreign language, a…

The Weather and Other Things I Want Changed

3 April 2009
by James RameyJames Ramey
I am not the biggest fan of snow.  I think every Christmas should have snow as there is nothing quite like a 'white Christmas' to warm the heart.  Just thinking of a night slay ride through the woods with the snow gently falling, trees decorated in lights, and the fresh scent of pine and sugar cookies in the air is nothing short of perfect.  But its not ever like that!!!  I can't remember the last time I had a slay ride, and the woods at night is really just kind of creepy.  Additionally, the snow never seems to fall gently in Minneapolis.  The snow is either a blizzard or sleet push around by treacherous winds smacking you in your ice cold face.  Unfortunately, I live in Minnesota where snow is a very real possibility from…

If you have nothing to say in a forest, does the tree still fall on you?

4 March 2009
by James RameyJames Ramey
I think BLOGS are interesting, pretty, funny, and nice.  However, I never feel that I have enough witty comments to make reading a BLOG worthwhile.  Don't get me wrong, I am rather cool (in my own mind).  HOWEVER, I am also rather boring.  I lead a normal life in the suburbs with a family and a dog.  Not the stuff that makes you jump out of your seat and go 'HOLY COW, THAT'S HOT!!!'.  So, I have decided to make up all the information in my BLOG postings so they are rather cool and rather dangerous.  I hope that you enjoy the alter-reality that I call virtual life....First, TEAM FORTRESS 2 on a MAC is AWESOME.  I use CrossOver Mac Games to access TF2 on my MacBook Pro, and I LOVE IT.  I play way more then I should,…

Ten Things I Have Learned From Team Fortress 2

27 May 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
We go through our days looking for meaning and purpose to our lives, and I think I've found just that in playing Team Fortress 2.  While I am getting better almost daily, I have found several life lessons from killing (and being killed) in the course of hours (and hours) of gameplay.  I thought I'd share a few of the more poignant lessons.10)  Rushing into any situation with guns blazing and little forethought only leads to a quick and painful death.9)  Having great focus (Sniper) without any direction or goals is meaningless.8)  Being the fastest (Scout) or the strongest (Heavy) isn't nearly as effective as being prepared.7)  You can heal (Medic) the pain of others, but you're not very effective if you do so at your own…

BLOGS are Hard :(

20 May 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
I guess I don't have much to say because I find it difficult (even challenging) to keep up with my BLOG.  I admire people that have the ability to consistently write witty and interesting thoughts on a daily basis.  Me, I am more of a monthly, bi-monthly, even quarterly guy which equates to dull and sparatic.  In almost every context, dull and sparatic are not good adjectives.  I mean no one strives to be dull and / or sparatic.  Some people accept their limitations and try to put a good spin on it as to say that they are reliable, dependable, or even easy going.  I don't buy that either.  Sometimes less is more, but I think with BLOGs more is more. My experiences, though, are very interesting as of late.  I…

Time for the Big Game!

13 March 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
My entire life has been centered around playing video games.  I come from the generation that just played the heck out of games.  From my earliest Atari 2600 with 40 or 50 games to my Nintendo box, I have always been enchanted and captivated by video games.  Not that I was ever good enough to take on the world or even the best in my neighborhood, but I have always enjoyed the mental break that is derived from focusing on nothing else but dominating your enemies.As I am getting older (and wiser), my focus is changing.  I appreciate more strategic games with less action but a more encompassing story.  I no longer want to destroy the world but instead save it from the bad guys (whomever they may be).  I no longer wish for the…

The Best Athlete

25 February 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
The Minnesota Vikings use to employ a philosophy of drafting the best available athlete regardless of their position or the team's immediate needs. An interesting philosophy in that the Vikings believed that with the best athletes they could and would win a Super Bowl Unfortunately for the Vikings, this rule did not apply to coaches who lose NFC Championship Games at home. Yes, the loss to Atlanta (even after all these years) still stings. For sales, many companies ignore the 'best athlete' philosophy and hire based on tenure, industry experience, product knowledge, and market connections. I have always believed that hiring in this manner is a poor indicator of future success, and I believe that it is only prevalent in my profession because its the safe…

My Nirvana (no not the band from Seattle)

18 February 2008
by James RameyJames Ramey
Every great once in a while a sales rep hits what can only be considered 'Nirvana'. Account management is on target; customers are happy; leads are coming in the door; the phone is ringing; and proposals are going out. All the good stuff that every sales person dreams of when they picture the "perfect day". The opposite of Sales Nirvana, of course, is the reality that is every other day of your existence - not Nirvana. For the past four months (wow, four months), I have found my own slice of Nirvana at CodeWeavers. In learning the software, I am amazed and excited at the possibilities of what we have to offer. CrossOver eliminates the need for the Microsoft operating system!!! That's exciting. Any viable option to Microsoft is exciting, and I think…

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