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The Linux Revolution and the Game Developers Conference

10 March 2015
by James RameyJames Ramey
Valve is set to showcased a SteamOS (a Linux based OS) and Steam Machines (their hardware gaming platform running SteamOS) at the Games Developer's Conference last week in San Francisco. The technology pundits are doubtfully pessimistic on whether a Linux based computer can conquer the living room. Personally, I am left to wonder if the technology pundits are wrong yet again.A Brief History of the Rise and Fall, the Rise and Fall of LinuxLinux has been primed several times in the past 20 years to become the next 'main stream' operating system. In theearly 1990's as the first waves of computer revolution were reaching the business world, technology pundits predicted that Linux (not Microsoft or Apple) would be the operating system of choice for business…

The Promise of the ‘Cloud’

18 February 2015
by James RameyJames Ramey
Remember three years ago when EVERYONE in tech was talking 'cloud'? IBM was the loudest voice in the cloud-based conversation. Microsoft and Google were openly demonstrating tools for controlling the cloud. Amazon was projecting how the cloud would impact the lives of all consumers. Yahoo, Apple, and were all touting the cloud too. It was as if an inevitable storm 'cloud' was going to light up the entire technology landscape and drench the Internet. And yet three years later, technology feels largely unchanged and 'cloud' feels more like a buzzword (like synergy or hyperconvergence) than a real technology term.To be fair, everyone is using the 'cloud' in some way, shape, or form today. FaceBook is a social cloud; Netflix is an…

Has Technology ‘Jumped The Shark?'

20 January 2015
by James RameyJames Ramey
You know what has me on edge a bit lately? All of these newfangled tech gadgets. It seems now that ANYTHING connected to the Internet is considered a useful device. How did we get to the point in the evolution of technology where we think a fitnesstracker is somehow a novel and useful device? having a cooler that can tell me exactly how cold my beverages are via text message to my cell phone useful? What has led people to the understanding that for something to be useful it has to beconnected to the Internet? I'm starting to think that technology has 'jumped the shark' in that we keep producing'stuff' but the story is starting to feel old and repetitive. Here's what I mean…In the beginning, we had the computer which was the undisputed king of…

"You’re only as good as the world allows you to be!" - A Reflection on the Release of CrossOver 14

29 October 2014
by James RameyJames Ramey
It’s been almost two weeks since CodeWeavers released CrossOver 14 for Mac and Linux.  James Ramey, President of CodeWeavers reflects on the trials and tribulations of getting a new release of our CrossOver software out the door.   "Why so serious?"  One of my favorite movies characters is Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker from The Dark Knight.  The character is so entertaining that you overlook the nuances and depth of The Joker; and because Ledger was so convincing in this role (as if it were a part of himself), you forget that he spent almost six months preparing to become this character on screen.  In many ways, I consider this latest release of CrossOver 14 to be a similar artistic…

Game Changer - World of Tanks Mac

20 October 2014
by James RameyJames Ramey
To state that I am hooked on World of Tanks is an understatement.  Over the last year or so, I’ve logged nearly 6400 battles.  But unlike most everyone else in the game, I’m playing on a Mac computer (MacBook Pro - 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7; 16 GB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M Video Card).  I’ve been playing on the Mac computer since CodeWeavers started working with Wargaming to port their highly successful free to play title to OS X in late 2013.  And after a year of development and testing, the Mac version of World of Tanks will soon be released to the masses around the world.  I am very excited as the release of the Mac version of World of Tanks marks how far CodeWeavers technology and the Apple…

Learning From the Seat of a Tank

21 May 2013
by James RameyJames Ramey
Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to play a lot; I mean two – to – three hours a day, every day, since the end of March inside the tank simulation of World of Tanks (WoT). Over 2,500 battles– 1234 wins, 1234 losses, and 39 draws to be exact.  Over the course game play, I’ve managed to learn a few lessons that will no doubt help me in my presidency of CodeWeavers.  It is in that spirit of sharing that I present my Top 10 Lessons from Inside a Tank (and to provide billable hours to the CEO for all the time I’ve spent in battling during work hours): 1.    Idiots Die Quickly – Within seconds of the battle starting.  , there are early tank casualties. Usually, the casualties are the direct result of running headfirst…

Hail the King..

20 March 2013
by James RameyJames Ramey
I am now coming up on my two month anniversary of being named President of CodeWeavers.  It’s been an interesting five year journey to arrive at this ‘summit’ in my career.  Maybe ‘summit’ and ‘career’ are overly optimistic terms for describing the 16 years I’ve given to various companies within the technology industry, but they somewhat reflect where I am today.For those that do not know, I’m James B. Ramey.  I grew up in North Dakota; attended college in Minnesota; and now call Minneapolis (actually one of the suburbs) my home.  My career started in selling computer networking solutions to financial institutions; moved to providing Internet security solutions to quick serve restaurants; and now landed me in software…

What Time is It? Time to Vote!!!!

28 August 2012
by James RameyJames Ramey
Seems like marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years.  The addition of social media has apparently leveled the playing field and changed the dynamics of marketing.  Listening to any of the many 'talking heads' (known as business experts) indicates that if you do not have a 'social presence' you're out of business.  When did it become necessary to have #sm4np, #Inbound12, or #10ThingsIMustDoBeforeIDie hash tagging all your thoughts and ideas out to the Internet to garner much needed attention from consumers?  Does that even work?  For me, the age old adage of having a good product at a fair price that meets a consumer need is the best marketing strategy.  But alas, you can't sing that in…

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