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3 Ways to Maximize Your Porting Revenue

13 June 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
One of the questions that I often get when talking with developers looking to port their Windows applications to the Mac or Linux platform is ‘where is the best place to distribute my newly ported software?’.  It’s a logical question.  If you make an investment in your Windows application / game / utility in porting to another platform, you’d naturally like to maximize the return on that investment.  And ideally, you’d like to maximize as quickly as possible.  To start, there is no ideal solution for distribution.  Just like in selling to Windows’ users, it takes research combined with time, effort, and energy to drive revenues.  And while there are significantly fewer applications / games / utilities for Mac…

? Insane CrossOver Install Video Will Give You Butterflies

7 June 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
We’re getting really excited at CodeWeavers with regards to our CrossOver Android Tech Preview.  Our development team has made incredible progress on this product, and we’ve very close to delivering an official release to the Google Play Store (within weeks really).  For those that don’t know, the next official release of CrossOver Android will have support for Office 2010, 2013, and 2016; support for the Steam client; support for countless games (like Wizard101); and support for hundreds of other applications right ‘out of the box’.  Additionally, we’ve spent considerable effort and energy in allowing end users to try countless other Windows applications on their own.  Some of these applications will run.  Some of…

Why Choose CodeWeavers Porting?

12 May 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
At CodeWeavers, we work with nearly 100 Windows software developers in porting their applications to the Mac and Linux platform.  Many of these software companies are looking for ‘new markets’ for their software and that more customers means more sales.  These companies are aggressively seeking out means for generating more revenue; and for these companies, porting just makes sense.  What makes sense for one company may be insurmountable for another Windows developer.  So I ask, “is porting the right solution for your software?”  >>> Is Your Company Getting Its Slice of the Billion $ macOS Market? To be fair, I’m very biased in favor of porting.  I’m not at all objective.  I believe that…

Is That a Laptop in Your Pocket? Or is Your Phone Just Really Smart?

6 April 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
If you read my blogs, you know that I am somewhat passionate and somewhat of a strong believer in convergence.  To recap, technology convergence is the concept of having one single device for all your technology needs.  Today, most people have a desktop computer AND a smartphone AND MAYBE a laptop, a tablet, an iPod, an e-reader, a gaming console, a camera, VR, and quite possibly some other device(s) for their growing list of technology needs.   The problem with a segregated technology life is that you end up having bits and bytes (and sometimes chunks) of information and data spread out on various hard drives and/or ‘in the cloud’ AND you have to carry around multiple devices to complete multiple tasks.  Whereas one device, like a…

Microsoft Office on Chromebook Coming in Our Next Android Tech Preview

There is something to be said for progress.  Maybe, it’s the sense of accomplishment.  Maybe, it’s the ability to look back and confirm how far you have come in a relatively short time.  Or maybe, it’s just realizing the potential derived in that moment.  Whatever it is, I’m a fan. It’s been a few months since I wrote a blog about CrossOver Android.  It’s been a few months since I touted the technology and potential of the offering.  But after several months of development, I am writing this blog using the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2013 on an ASUS Flip Chromebook.  And if I am being honest, IT RUNS REALLY WELL!!!!  Our developers have spent hour, upon hour, upon hour building a software for…

Why Windows Software Isn’t Always Available on Mac and Linux

6 March 2017
by James RameyJames Ramey
It’s a real mystery, plaguing millions of Mac and Linux users everywhere. Do software companies think several formidable competitors already established?  Do developers assume that their underlying technology is absolutely incompatible with macOS or Linux and therefore foresee a development nightmare?  Do they unknowingly claim that the market is not attractive enough for them?  ISN’T ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH???  And there lies the aforementioned mystery! And my struggle. In an age of declining revenue growth throughout the computer industry, what if I was to give you the opportunity to significantly increase your software sales?  Would you find that ‘attractive’? According to the most recent data on computer shipments…

It's Been a Long Time Coming (and we've been waiting)

With the release of CrossOver 16, CodeWeavers finally makes good on their promise to deliver support for Microsoft Office 2013 on the Mac and Linux platforms. It’s a promise that was initially made in late 2012 and one that has taken over four years of continued and consistent development to fulfill. And now (finally), we have a version 16 of CrossOver that includes this support. With that introduction, I proudly present to you the newest, latest, and greatest version of CrossOver, CrossOver 16.While it would be great to sit back and enjoy this moment (pause), CrossOver 16 ushers in a host of other new and exciting features like 64 bit support; it’s based on Wine 2.0 which includes thousands of improvements to Windows compatibility; Quicken updates now…

What Lies Ahead for CrossOver Android

7 September 2016
by James RameyJames Ramey
The morning of August 25 started off like any other morning in beautiful Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Minnesota State Fair opened its gates to hundreds of thousands of its citizens all looking for Sweet Martha’s Cookies and pork chops on sticks. The weather was unseasonably cool at 73 degrees. And the Minnesota Twins would go on to lose their seventh straight game, this time to the Detroit Tigers, 8 – 5. But as is often the case, history takes place on days like these. Unbeknownst to much of the world, CodeWeavers released its Tech Preview of CrossOverAndroid.CrossOver Android is a utility that allows people to run some Windows applications on their Intel Android device or a select number of Intel based Chromebooks. That description in and of itself…

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