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Shouting 'Free' In a Crowded Internet

15 December 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Last spring, I was frustrated, because it seemed like many Mac users were not aware of CrossOver Mac.  CrossOver is so much faster and easier to try than any of the other alternatives, it seems a crime to me that every Mac user doesn't try it first.  It's not always the perfect solution, but when it works, it is very sweet.However, since we believe in Free Software, and provide all of our core work to the free Wine Project, we're not exactly rolling in the marketing dough.  So we had lunch with our PR firm to see what we could do with a bit of creativity.  We had a lot of ideas, and this scheme of doing a Lameduck Challenge came up just as I had to leave the meeting.  The idea was we'd give our software away for free if George…

Fire Drills and Proving a Point

15 September 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
So in a CodeWeavers management meeting one day, we were looking for a way to show off Wine's new maturity, particularly for porting applications.  What we needed was a freely redistributable application; one that didn't exist on Mac or Linux, but one that was readily understandable.  We thought about Firefox; that was perfect, but sadly, there were Mac and Linux builds.And then a little bird flew in the Window and chirped 'Chromium', and we knew we had it.So on Thursday, September 4th, I called a company Fire Drill.  I said I wanted to ship ported versions of Chromium for Mac and Linux, and I wanted to do it as fast as possible.  By Friday, we had a first working build.  But it had a major problem - you couldn't do https sites, so…

Mid year Outlook

24 July 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
I thought I'd take some time to update our road map and lay out our plans.Today we've shipped CrossOver Games 7.1, which fixes a lot of niggling bugs in a variety of games.  Our game team is going great guns, and I think that 2008 will see some steady gains with games.  We hope to improve on City of Heroes/Villains, get proper Lord of the Rings Online Support in place, and just generally broaden the range of games that play well with CrossOver.  The LOTRO support is particularly critical, as my wife and I just started together. For regular CrossOver, we're likely to ship another bug fix release for regular CrossOver as well, as we've got a number of issues with Office 2007, particularly Outlook, we're ironing out. …

A major milestone

17 June 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Today marks a major milestone for me, personally, for CodeWeavers, and for the Wine project.Not only did we ship CrossOver 7, our best CrossOver yet, but we, together with the rest of the Wine community, shipped Wine 1.0 today.Wine 1.0 has been 15 years in the making, and includes 9 of the hardest years I've ever worked in my life. When I became involved with Wine and Free Software in 1999, the concept that you could successfully give away your work and still stay in business was foreign; Open Source business models were laughed at, Linux was unknown, and everyone was just waiting for Apple to die. Using an operating system not made in Redmond was considered ridiculous.Today Apple is reinvigorated, Linux is flourishing, and Open Source business models are…

We will sell no Wine before its time

5 June 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
(With apologies to Paul Masson)We have had a long struggle this spring, and now into summer. We've been working hard to make Wine, and therefore CrossOver, run Microsoft Office 2007, particularly Outlook. I had hoped that we would have this working much earlier in the year. The signs were promising; we had the installation issues figured out and early runs were very encouraging.Unfortunately, reality has been crashing down hard lately. This last weekend was particularly rough. We had done a large round of internal testing, and were feeling pretty good. We built a release candidate to share with a group of private testers, thinking that if all went well, we could ship this week. I then went camping with my family (and we had a great weekend…

Pirates vs Ninjas

9 May 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
So today, Stefan was helping someone that posted a cry for help on our forums. In digging a bit further, he discovered that this guy was actively working against us, as you can see by searching for bonkeykong on this pirate site.So this is like stealing a car from me, then giving the garage door opener in the car to a buddy so the buddy can go to my garage and steal my other car. Then, after he's driven around a bit, he calls me up and asks where to find the gas cap. If I had that much gall, I'd be a much richer man.It's also terribly amusing that the poster doesn't realize that we essentially give away our work for free, and that there is a straight forward way to get this for free, that has forums where people will help him, and where his willingness to…

Keeping up with Wine

17 April 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
I thought I'd take a minute to go a little more in depth on our recent announcement of 'experimental' builds of CrossOver.It is a very exciting time for Wine - we've been making great strides on our way to Wine 1.0, and I'm thrilled with that progress. But sometimes we struggle with the success and progress of Wine. We'll get customers that come to us and say "CrossOver stinks, Wine runs my application much better." And what can be deeply frustrating is that often Wine will run their application because of our work. This has long been a struggle for us; while we do a lot of the active development on Wine, we take a lot of time to refine that and polish it so that it works reliably before we ship a CrossOver release. Sometimes that makes people…

How the fun and Games started

25 March 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Today we shipped CrossOver Games. I am very excited by this change; I have enjoyed computer games all of my life, and I like the idea that we can help others enjoy their new computers fully. I'm also tickled by the story of how CrossOver Games came to be, and thought I would share it with you all. We have long focused on productivity applications. Now, last year we did officially add support for games, and we made a few hires so that we could more directly support all of the great work being done in Wine on games. But, truthfully, our core focus has been on productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and Quicken. So go back to last fall and early this winter. We're hard at work on the back breaking work of fixing Office 2007, Outlook, and…

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