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Roadmap for 2008

10 March 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
I'd like to explain how we decide what to work on next and share our plans for 2008. First, the big picture: the goal is to finish Wine so that it is a perfect reimplementation of the Windows API, thereby runing nearly all Windows applications flawlessly. That is a huge challenge; it's going to take a while yet. And since I continue to miss the right Powerball numbers, we continue to bring out new releases of CrossOver to bring polished, if incomplete, versions of Wine to our customers. The idea is that we bring you joy with Wine as we work towards the ultimate goal, and that in gratitude, you buy CrossOver so we can buy food, mortgages, and more Powerball tickets. Deciding how best to focus our efforts so as to both bring our customers the most…

CodeWeavers and CrossOver: An Introduction and Beginnings

15 February 2008
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Welcome to our first public blog post! We plan to use this blog as a tool to share news tidbits and thoughts that don't fit into formal announcements or press releases.My hope is to share our thinking and plans as they evolve. I also hope that this will help spur folks to write to us to share ideas and thoughts on how we can do a better job. While we try to have a broad range of forums, both general and specific to applications, you should always feel free to write me directly at anytime at this first post, I wanted to start with a look back, and share my story and the story of how CodeWeavers began our mission.I have always been a self-confessed computer geek; my passion for programming and computers started as I'd crouch at…

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