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The Wind is blowing simple

23 March 2012
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
There is a sequence in Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies: Dogbert's Big Book of Business that I've always liked. Dogbert, the management consultant, comes into a decentralized organization, and advises: "Centralize!" Next, he goes into a monolithic organization and advises: "Decentralize!" I also am proud of my management philosophy. Years ago, Priority of the Day was trendy, where managers would shift priorities depending on how they felt that day. In the Internet age, that is clearly not fast enough, so I have devised my sure-to-be award winning strategy: "Manage like the Wind!(TM)", where you shift priorities as quickly and as arbitrarily as a gust of wind. My staff loves this, let me assure you 😊. So I…

Reflections on 15 years

12 May 2011
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
This month marks our 15th year anniversary. We're having great fun with it; you can check out our videos and the fantastic promotion we're running to go with it. I hope it all helps you to enjoy CrossOver goodness. It's been a very interesting ride, these past 15 years. CodeWeavers is my second company; I was a partner in another company, Holten, White & Associates, prior to striking off on my own to found CodeWeavers. I founded CodeWeavers because I wanted to do interesting and meaningful work, work with people I respected, and have fun at work. I'm glad to report that we've succeeded on all three fronts, although some of our dark days in the mid 2000s were very challenging. We started out as a general purpose consulting…

Celebrating the silly

28 January 2011
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
You may have noticed that we like to put out silly and fun press releases and offbeat videos of all kinds, even when we are announcing a major new product release. We're a small company, pursuing a noble goal, while giving away the bulk of our work. That means we don't have a lot of money to spend on advertising. So we absolutely have to rely on word of mouth and attention-getting gimmicks. Here's a fun story you may not know: in late 2009, we decided to back off the silly for a while. We thought we were maybe overdoing it. So we reflected and came up with a marketing campaign dubbed "The Year of Thankfulness". We wanted to take some time to celebrate our customers and our Advocates, and find a way to recognize and…

All dressed up; MacWorld to go

18 January 2011
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
These days, the combination of CrossOver and all the hard work of our Advocates is amazing. Within 5 minutes, or less, you can easily download and install CrossOver and your favorite Windows application.  But you don't have to buy, install, or hassle with Windows.  It's like playing a game like Call of Duty without having to actually be in a real combat zone.  Or like a man putting on a dress instead of getting a sex change operation.  Feels a little funny, but strangely nice, and you still get to be a man afterwards. So in 8 days, at MacWorld in San Francisco, we are launching CrossOver 10 'The Impersonator'.  This new version of CrossOver will feature our new CrossTie technology that will make it drop dead easy to install…

Just one more turn...

20 October 2010
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
So we set out to make the newly released Civilization V would work in CrossOver a few weeks back. I felt it was my duty to help the QA staff with the testing. Now, way back in the day, the only time I ever seriously neglected my work, my life, and everything was when Civilization, the original, was released. I distinctly recall looking up from my computer one day, two weeks after I'd gotten it, and wondering, "What have I done!?!?!" Cleverly, I had gotten a copy for my wife, and she was busily playing as well, so I wasn't confronted with divorce the way you might expect. But let's just say I'm lucky my boss at the time wasn't paying a lot of attention to my productivity. So I was a bit concerned when I started playing Civ V; I can't afford that…

Celebrating Wine 1.2 with a public Beta

19 July 2010
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Last Friday the Wine Project shipped Wine 1.2. This was the work of 328 people in over 23,000 separate patches over a span of two years. CodeWeavers is proud to be a major part of that effort and we're thrilled to see Wine reach this milestone. This represents a major step forward for Wine; you can see the full list of accomplishments in the announcement. My personal favorite is the spiffy new icons. The CrossOver products already contain most of those changes, as we roll our work on Wine into CrossOver as we go. However, we are hard at work on CrossOver 9.1 and CrossOver Games 9.1, which will contain all of Wine 1.2. By way of celebrating, we're making beta versions of CrossOver 9.1 and CrossOver Games 9.1 available to all current…

Stamping out Wine 1.2

1 July 2010
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Everyone in the Wine community is driving to release Wine 1.2; the newest and best version of Wine. It's been two years since Wine 1.0, and we've really made huge strides. This version will include the beginnings of genuine 64-bit support, along with major Direct3D improvements, and improvements in a huge number of other areas. Since the majority of CodeWeavers staff are Wine developers, that means we're busily working on Wine 1.2 ourselves. Further, we're working to roll Wine 1.2 into CrossOver 9.1 and CrossOver Games 9.1. We are really happy with the improvements and think this is going to make the very best CrossOver release. Of course, you might wonder, when is Wine 1.2 going to come out? And when is CrossOver 9.1 going to come…

Full Steam ahead with 9.0 beta

26 April 2010
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Software guys are often accused of wanting to spend too much time polishing their beloved programs. I'm very guilty of that myself, and that's doubly hard because of our work on Wine. While Wine is amazing, it's not perfect, so there is a challenging balance in deciding that we've made enough progress to justify a release. Of course, if you let us software guys decide, we'll take forever and never ship anything. Luckily for our gaming customers, Valve has forced our hand. That is, they have released an entirely rewritten version of Steam today. And, unfortunately, it does not work at all in our existing CrossOver Games releases. And since Steam is a large part of what our customers use CrossOver Games for, we've been forced to rush…

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