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A Tragic Loss

8 September 2019
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
This past month, we here at CodeWeavers and the wider Wine community suffered a devastating loss.  Our friend and colleague, Józef Kucia, died at the age of 30. Józef first contributed to Wine in March of 2012, showing remarkable skill with Wine’s D3D technology.  He became a key contributor to Wine, submitting over 2,500 patches. He also contributed to other open source projects including Mesa and Debian.  Józef founded and led the vkd3d project and provided insight and guidance to the Vulkan working group. Józef joined CodeWeavers in 2015, and quickly became one of our most valued employees. While technically brilliant, Józef was a man of few words. He carried a quiet kindness, but it could be difficult to draw him out. …

Wine and Steam - A Major Milestone

22 August 2018  
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Yesterday, Valve announced a new feature in Steam Play that allows Windows titles to run on the Linux version of Steam using Wine. We have been working directly with Valve for two years on this effort, and the launch yesterday was one of the most joyful days of my career, for a variety of reasons.  First, the personal – my sons both grew up using Linux.  My older son graduated from college, got a job, and eventually bought a Windows PC so he could play his favorite games.  My younger son is still in college, and he remains a die hard Linux user.  Last night, he was able to install and run the few Windows games he craved on his Linux laptop. Second, the professional – I have long felt that computer games are the key to any…

Sweet sixteen for CrossOver

27 March 2018
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
On March 27th, 2002, we launched CrossOver Office 1.0.  That was a great day for us; it was when the 'modern' version of CodeWeavers was born, and when we were really able to start on our journey to bring Windows compatibility to Linux and Mac users. It was also a very fun day.  You see, I had started out with a business model that depended on Linux on the Desktop taking off, and that there would be a high demand by ISVs for software ports.  We would make our living by helping perform those ports using Wine.  Unfortunately for us, it turns out that Linux on the Desktop did *not* take off (we are still waiting for the year of the Linux Desktop), and so we were struggling.  In fact, we had used up our fiscal cushion, and our last…

New Beginnings: CrossOver on Chrome OS

Today is a very exciting day - we have released an open Beta of CrossOver on Chrome OS, which runs on the Android subsystem of Chrome OS and makes it possible to easily and cleanly run Windows applications on an Intel based Chromebook. This is a particularly satisfying for me, personally.  That is, I have always loved technology best when there is are a lot of vibrant options in the market.  With the launch of CrossOver, we believe that Chrome OS becomes an even more compelling choice. And I love this version of CrossOver; I think it's our cleanest and most elegant version yet.  It's inspired by the simplicity and elegance of Android and Chrome OS; I think it's by far the best CrossOver we've ever made. It's been a long journey - we've…

Celebrating 20 Years

Twenty years ago this month, a fresh faced, much younger version of me started CodeWeavers. I had four goals:Do important and challenging workWork with people I respectHave fun at workMake lots of moneyWe have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams on the first three points. The jury is still out on the fourth point. Turns out making money when you give the bulk of your work away poses a real challenge. 😊A few years into our corporate life, about 1999, I decided that the problem I wanted to tackle was the stifling monoculture of the computing industry. I felt that a Windows only universe was boring, so our mission to help people use Wine to escape from Windows was born. We've been fighting that battle ever since. Wine is now a powerful technology; used…

Numerology for fun and profit

10 December 2012
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
We have had a major battle inside our walls over the past few years over version numbers. We shipped our first CrossOver branded product over 11 years ago. Lately I've been expressing the concern that we're going to get sick of just adding 1 to the version number. CrossOver 26 sounds lame to my ears, and who ever bought version 13 of a program? So we had a big battle over how to handle this. We discussed new names for the product. We discussed renaming the company. We discussed using animal names (imagine CrossOver Timber Wolf). We discussed following the Adobe model and make it CrossOver WS 1 (Wine Suite). Or maybe make it X1 (this is your hint to look at the logo presentation of CrossOver 11). In the end, as we were discussing the 'science'…

Civic duty and marketing stunts

26 October 2012
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
The single most effective marketing effort of our history was the Lame Duck giveaway of 2008. The single most stressful event in our company's history, and the source for most nervous disorders and anger in our employees, was the Lame Duck giveaway of 2008. So it is with hope and fear that I am happy to announce that we're going to try it again. You can see how well the staff took the message by watching this video. Enabling the whole world to try CrossOver for free is the best way we can imagine to spread the word about CrossOver goodness. We have come a long way in the past four years; Wine is now capable of running most Windows applications, and we are improving its quality constantly. We hope this effort encourages more folks to give…

Fun with Mid Life Crises

31 July 2012
by Jeremy WhiteJeremy White
Last November, I was able to celebrate surviving 45 years on this planet. At that time, I decided it was time for my mid life crisis - all the cool kids have mid life crises. I spent a lot of time thinking about this, asking everyone I know "what are you planning for your mid life crisis?" Of course, I love my wife and family dearly, and she is opposed to the whole mistress thing. I also have a fondness for practical cars, so that kills the sportscar cliche. And I think I'd chicken out if I ever had to try to jump out of an airplane. So if I want to be trendy, my only option is to mess around with my job. After all, I've spent over 16 years running CodeWeavers; if you add in my previous company, I've spent more than half my life running a…

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