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To GM's / DM's, With Love, Katie

4 March 2018
by Katie GraceKatie Grace
For many of us, there is a feeling. A calling. This feeling can’t be dispelled by the pull of reality, but instead transports us to far away lands. The need to adventure thrums deep in our bones and calls us to incredible worlds of magic, science, monsters, dungeons, mystery, and adventure. The imaginary promise of grand tales, loot and impossible feats wet our appetite while the irresistible draw of an intricately woven story intrigues and captivates our imaginations. Some of us, though, go above and beyond this call. In our imaginary worlds, they are the Masters; they are shapers, stage setters, dungeon builders and dragon tamers. Carefully they place each detail for the perfect ambiance; each piece plays a role and it is the Game Master that carefully…

I Didn't Renew CrossOver - A Horror Story

27 April 2017
by Katie GraceKatie Grace
It was a bright sunny morning. The birds were chirping merrily away outside my window as I awoke to the familiar ping on my phone alerting me I had a new email. Sunlight streamed through my bedroom window into my eyes, as I reached over to pick up my phone. I groggily peered at the blinding screen, flicking to my email. “Codeweavers Renewal whateveryadayadayda Renew today!” Grumbling to myself, I archived the email. Surely this could wait until later.  How very wrong I was.  Suddenly with a crash it began to downpour outside. Apparently it was going to be one of ‘those’ kind of days. I shuffled out of bed, only to realize I had slept in! I clambered over my bed and grabbed the first pair of clothes I could that happened to be in a…

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