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The good, the bad and maybe not so ugly

26 June 2018  
by Ryan AbhiramRyan Abhiram
So Apple is making the gutsy move of completely transitioning over to only 64-bit applications with next release of macOS. This reminds me of the movie The Good, the Bad and Maybe not so Ugly. As not to get too technical, let’s keep this simple. The NOT so ugly: A 64-bit program may be a little faster (depending on how it works). If you use applications that are memory demanding (like Photoshop, 3D rendering, etc) then having a 64-bit version will give it access to more of your computer's memory. In short, you are looking at better performance and compatibility with newer applications.>>> 'In-Cider' Info: CodeWeavers Working on 64-bit Support for macOS The bad: 32-bit applications will not run in the upcoming macOS without…

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