The good, the bad and maybe not so ugly

26 June 2018 by Ryan  AbhiramRyan Abhiram

So Apple is making the gutsy move of completely transitioning over to only 64-bit applications with next release of macOS. This reminds me of the movie The Good, the Bad and Maybe not so Ugly.

As not to get too technical, let’s keep this simple.

The NOT so ugly:

  • A 64-bit program may be a little faster (depending on how it works). 
  • If you use applications that are memory demanding (like Photoshop, 3D rendering, etc) then having a 64-bit version will give it access to more of your computer's memory.

In short, you are looking at better performance and compatibility with newer applications.

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The bad:

  • 32-bit applications will not run in the upcoming macOS without compromise, according to Apple. Sounds scary? Of course, this put’s a damper on many 32-bit applications we use on a daily basis. Also, the money invested into said applications would be a waste.

This affects users and developers alike, and is not limited to Crossover alone. This is a big transition, and most of us are not comfortable with change. Change can break things, and also make things much better in the process. Talk about panic at the disco!

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The Good:
We got this! As not to give you the passive tech support lingo “we are aware of the problem and are working on a solution.” To be honest “WE ARE WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW!!” Sorry I didn’t mean to shout in caps. This is a big deal for us, and also a much needed challenge. How so, you may ask? Well try fitting a square peg through a round hole! That’s what we do and we do it well! As if running windows applications on Mac wasn’t a challenge enough. We are developing technology to allow legacy 32-bit applications to run inside a 64-bit process, so that your existing Wine apps will continue working even after Apple finalizes its transition.

  • This I know in confidence, you will still be able to run your 32bit applications in Crossover when Apple releases their next OS. 
  • You can breath easy as we still got time. Enough time to get a build out to our customers before the transition is complete.
  • What’s the proof? Crossover 17.5 is just the stepping-stone to full on 64-bit support and the ability to still run 32bit apps. So sit back, stay tuned, for the best is yet to come.

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