Employment at CodeWeavers

Here's the deal: we typically only need help with one thing: Wine Development. Other code development, system administration, testing, sales, tech support, accounting, temp work, dishwashing, and so on we have only occasional need for, and we hire locally when we do. If you have a demonstrated ability to hack Wine, we'd love to hear from you.

Wine Development Internships / Apprenticeships at CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers is looking for Wine Development interns on an ongoing basis. Internships are for students (undergrad, graduate, or very recent post-graduates. Apprenticeships are for everyone else, including people that have been out in the work force for a while. Individuals from both the United States and overseas are equally welcome.

We have positions available in both our Minnesota headquarters, and in China:

Internships in our Minnesota HQ are open to anyone: U.S. citizens and foreign nationals alike. You will be asked to work in CodeWeavers' Minnesota office during your employment. Length and exact start/end dates are flexible. We ask for roughly a 3-month time commitment. CodeWeavers will pay reasonable travel costs to Minnesota, and will assist (to the best of our ability) on visa-related matters, and also in locating temporary housing. These positions pay in $USD.

Internships in China are primarily intended for Chinese nationals, pay in yuan, and at a different wage structure. These internships can be virtual, i.e., as long as you're living in China somewhere, it is not necessary to relocate.


Can an internship / apprenticeship turn into full-time employment with CodeWeavers

Absolutely. If you're good at Wine, and we like you, your odds of getting a full-time job are very good.

Am I Qualified?

It's really hard to say. Wine is too hard for most programmers to deal with successfully. It is, frankly, one of the hardest programming gigs on the planet. But if you think you're up for a real challenge, read on...

Let's say, just for the sake of argument, that you're foolish enough that you think you might like to take a shot at hacking Wine. What are the requirements for getting an internship here? Answer: surprisingly few:

  1. A resume to CodeWeavers Jobs
  2. A patch or interesting test of yours in Wine that has been accepted into the Wine Project www.winehq.org (Of course, more patches / tests = better)
  3. The ability to explain in writing your thinking process on how you created the patch(es) or test(s).

Requirement #2 is the tough one. Please don't bother sending #1 to us without #2. We require some objective evidence that you can actually do the stuff we need you to do. That means you must pass Alexandre Julliard's 'smell test' and get an interesting test or patch into Wine. Which isn't easy, because Alexandre demands a very high standard of quality. This is going to take a little work on your part.

Before you despair, though, be aware that there are lots of things that need to be done in Wine. If you're serious about this, and you're as good a programmer as you think you are, then it shouldn't be beyond the resources of a savvy, enterprising young person like yourself.

How Do I Get a Patch In?

Here's the general process we'd look for: First, go to www.winehq.org. Sniff around and do some research. Get involved in the Wine community. Find an area that interests you. Do some easy stuff first: submit some stubs. Then get more serious. Start working on a real, material bug on the WineHQ bug list, or writing a substantive test. Fix the bug, and be able to demonstrate to us the thinking process you went through to solve the problem and pass Alexandre's sniff test. The more problems you can solve, of course, the more powerful your mojo in our eyes. That's basically all we need to see.

Great Reasons to Work at CodeWeavers

  • Friendly people
  • Mentally challenging work
  • Laid-back atmosphere. Shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops, whatever...
  • Game arcade with a zillion ROMs
  • Flexible work hours

Questions/Comments? Direct them to CodeWeavers

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