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Vincent Povirk

Saint Paul, MN

Name: V. Povirk  

V. Povirk — CodeWeavers 2018

Title: Developer

Birthplace: Pittsburgh

Currently Lives: Saint Paul, MN

In V’s own words: I've written code from a very young age, starting with BASIC on DOS and working based on a children's book from my school library. I remember writing a simple program down on paper and being very excited about how the computer would work through the instructions I'd written. When I was able to test it on a real computer it didn't work as written, mainly because the implementation of BASIC I used was picky about what kinds of data variables can hold based on their names.

Working on Wine was my first job out of college. I’ve been at CodeWeavers for 10 years.  I first started using Linux my first year of college, but I primarily use Windows now. I think Windows 7 was a great improvement in their desktop UI, and Mac and Linux haven't caught up. I also maintain that the year of the Linux desktop was 2010, and no one noticed.

What do you do at CodeWeavers? I try to imagine what I would do if I were a Windows program in a strange environment, then make CrossOver more accommodating for those programs.

Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night?

Would you like to see the future?

If there’s an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?

Would you rather be bitten by a radioactive spider or a vampire?
Radioactive Spider

What website do you visit most often?
I spend a lot of time lately on twitch.tv. (For me, streaming has transformed video games from an insular activity into a social one.)

What is the worst purchase you ever made?
A couch.

If you had to live somewhere else, where would you live?
You can’t make me leave.

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