BetterTester: We Code, You Test — No animals harmed during testing.

So… You want to be a BetterTester…

Welcome to our new cruelty-free BetterTester program! With our new branding, we have smooshed our advocate program and our beta tester program into one BetterTester program. If you were previously an advocate you are now a BetterTester, if you were previously a Beta Tester you are now a BetterTester. Thank you, your work is beyond appreciated. If you were neither, welcome and thank you for your interest in giving back to the Wine Community and CodeWeavers. Now you will have early access to the latest updates of CrossOver, have the ability to maintain and create CrossTies and be an integral part of making the next release of CrossOver better than ever. Oh, and did we mention you will be handsomely rewarded?

As a member of our BetterTester program you will have access to the following sections of the website.

  • BetterTester Only Forums
  • Beta Releases and Nightly Development Builds
  • Beta Center

As a CodeWeavers BetterTester, you’ll receive full access to:

  • Download pre-release versions of CrossOver for macOS and Linux
  • Submit beta reports about the performance of your favorite games and applications
  • Post to the forum to discuss the upcoming release with other BetterTesters
  • At level 5 or higher, you can fully unlock CrossOver trial to the full version.
    Note: Below level 5, CrossOver will be limited to the 14 day trial period.

In exchange for the latest and greatest from CodeWeavers, we ask that you provide feedback about your experience with the CrossOver beta version, update and maintain and create CrossTies and get the warm fuzzy feeling of contributing to Wine.

Great! I’m a BetterTester. What do I get?

  • A chance to directly influence our work. The BetterTester forums are monitored carefully by many CodeWeavers staff, including developers and managers alike.
  • The ability to earn experience points and achieve ranks and earn SwagBukaroos to get free exclusive CodeWeavers swag.
  • Your rank icon will be displayed on your profile and forum posts.

Okay, what do I have to do?

We request that all BetterTesters to at least one the following:

  • Test your favorite applications against each production release of CrossOver and enter a ranking on the application page. You can download the latest production releases from the BetterTesters Downloads area. You can rank your applications by clicking on My Favorites within the compatibility center, choosing the application to rank, and then selecting the 'Rank' link which should be in the lower right hand corner of the application screen.
  • Submit at least 1 beta report during each product release cycle. You can access the beta center by visiting the Beta Center. You should receive an email notification whenever a new beta is available.
  • Monitor the BetterTester forums. You can also subscribe to receive new posts via e-mail.
  • To skip to the list of tasks click here

Bonus points for BetterTesters who also:

  • Monitor and actively participate in your application forum. You can view the forum for your applications by clicking on My Favorites within the compatibility center, choosing the application to view, and then clicking on the 'Forums' tab in the upper right hand corner.
  • Update the application details and description to help other users out. You can edit your application by clicking on My Favorites within the compatibility center, choosing the application to edit, and then clicking on the 'Edit' link in the lower right hand corner.
  • For our multilingual BetterTesters we would love it if you would offer to help us translate CrossOver into other languages.

How does the BetterTester XP system work?

When you perform certain tasks (forum posts, beta reports, etc.) on the website you will earn XP. The more XP you earn, the more BetterTester Ranks you will unlock. We use XP internally to decide which BetterTesters will be rejected. If you do not earn XP, you will lose your BetterTester status.

You should also be aware that our team of Ninjas are watching. They reserve the right to award and remove XP. If you are exceptional, you could be awarded bonus XP. If you do something to upset the balance of C4, you could find yourself with a Ninja Curse, and lose a rank.

For every 1,000 XP points you earn you level up. Every 10 levels unlocks a new icon. Your level will be depicted by a number on your rank icon.

1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Task * XP Value
Rank Application

Points awarded for submitting a rank for an application.

Rank Comment

Points awarded by adding comments to a rank submission. Minimum 10 word count.

Screen Shot

Points awarded when shot approved by staff.

Update a CrossTie

Points awarded for updating an existing CrossTie.

Spread the Word

Points awarded for original thoughts about us, our software and/or our services posted to social media, tagging us or using #CodeWeavers or #CodeWeaversSwag. Email our Marketing Director, Jana with a link to the post and XP will magically appear in your account.

Forum Post

Points awarded for a forum post. Minimum 5 word count.

Submit new Application

Points awarded when new application is approved by staff.

Submit Application Tip

Points awarded for creating a Tip article for an application.

Review / Blog Post / Article

Points awarded for the written word about CodeWeavers, CrossOver, or any of our services (PortJump and ExecMode). Please email our Marketing Director, Jana, with a link.

Video of Game Play / App Running or CrossOver Tutorial

Points awarded depending on the quality of the video. Well thought out tutorials > 30 seconds gameplay with your dog barking in the background.

Beta Test Report

Max points awarded if a Beta Report is read and approved by Staff. Otherwise, points are awarded as follows:

Tier 1: 100 XP All fields completed appropriately following the directions on the form for any application.

Tier 2: 50 XP Some information missing, but enough is given to be somewhat useful.

Tier 3: 0 XP Not enough information provided to be useful to our team.

A bonus 50 XP is awarded for Tier 1 reports on popular applications.

Note: There is a limit of 5 reports per day.

Submit new CrossTie

Points awarded for creation of a new CrossTie. Subject to staff approval.


Help us Translate CrossOver into other languages. For our multilingual BetterTesters. We would love it if you would offer to help us translate CrossOver. Contact Aric to get started.


* We reserve the right to reject and remove any XP or SwagBukaroos for mischievous activity.

Reward System: What are SwagBukaroos and how do I earn free Swag?

For every 1,000 XP points you earn, you will receive 10 SwagBukaroos. You can use your SwagBukaroos at our BetterTester boutique to buy CodeWeavers exclusive items.

Item SwagBukaroos
CodeWeavers Logo Sticker 1 β
Wine Sticker 1 β
CodeWeavers Magnet 3 β
The Slap Wrap 4 β
Notebook 5 β
Short Sleeve CodeWeavers Shirt 10 β
Wine Short Sleeved T-Shirt 12 β
Wine Long Sleeved T-Shirt 18 β
Crazy Creek Chair 20 β
Long Sleeved Dry Wick Shirts 20 β
Insulated Water Bottle 22 β
Computer Sling Pack 26 β
$30 USD Donation to Wine 30 β
Unisex Black Joggers 36 β
Growler 40 β
$50 USD Donation to Wine 50 β
Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirt 55 β
Mens Short Sleeve Nike Golf Polo 55 β
Womens Short Sleeve Nike Golf Polo 55 β
Mens Long Sleeve Nike Golf Polo 60 β
Womens Long Sleeve Nike Golf Polo 60 β
$65 USD Donation to Wine 65 β

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