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Hello world!

For those of you that have not met me yet, I am the Webmaster here at CodeWeavers. I am responsible for the wondrous array of front-end and back-end website code you see before you. I'm the guy you imagine pulling hair out behind the scenes when the website crashes (or worse). Yep, that'd be me.

I'm excited for our new public blog system. It gives us a chance to give you a glimpse at what goes on inside the hearts and minds of hard working weavers. Feel free to comment on our posts. We appreciate all feedback given.

About Jeremy Newman
Newman has been the IT Director, Systems Administrator, and Webmaster for CodeWeavers since 2000. He is a Swiss Army Knife of tech. He custom builds servers and workstations. He also codes the website with PHP, JavaScript, and SQL. He also does graphic design, and video editing. Outside of the office he is a lifetime gamer and retro game collector. Learn more about his professional accomplishments on LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter @laxdragon.

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I'm just sorry I didn't realise there was a RSS feed of your blogs earlier! It's in my Google Reader now. I don't think Codeweavers pesters us enough about goings on and developments, to be honest.

That is our plan with this blogger, we hope to keep it fresh and let everyone know what is going on here.

Now if I only could get the Wine developers to write blog entries.

Good job with the style sheet and/or with not breaking them ^_^

No chance you wanna release the code for the compatibility part of the website :P hehehehe

I would love to build my little crossover project a website where I can add apps and ratings etc etc instead of using mediawiki.

Normally i would use the codeweavers website itself, but I think you'll kill me if i add 4000 odd "applications" to the compatibility section :P


Since the site is all tightly integrated with our e-commerce system, I'd rather not. Part of what keeps this site secure is it's closed source nature. There are plenty of LAMP based solutions out there. Check out the Wine at, that one is completely open source, and does not differ too much from our own solution.

Wouter Cox wrote:

Good job with the style sheet and/or with not breaking them ^_^

Thanks. Someday I'd like to make the site completely XHTML strict, but I'm still tied to making the site usable on IE 6.0. Once I feel that is completely dead, I will move on to more standards compliance.

Feel free to point out my mistakes, I kind of make this up as I go. 😖

That other Jeremy is always laughing at my constant need to write everything myself. Most of the code (99%) on this website is my own. I rarely use other modules.

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