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Microsoft Office on Chromebook Coming in Our Next Android Tech Preview

There is something to be said for progress.  Maybe, it’s the sense of accomplishment.  Maybe, it’s the ability to look back and confirm how far you have come in a relatively short time.  Or maybe, it’s just realizing the potential derived in that moment.  Whatever it is, I’m a fan.

It’s been a few months since I wrote a blog about CrossOver Android.  It’s been a few months since I touted the technology and potential of the offering.  But after several months of development, I am writing this blog using the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2013 on an ASUS Flip Chromebook.  And if I am being honest, IT RUNS REALLY WELL!!!!  Our developers have spent hour, upon hour, upon hour building a software for this platform.  And while its still very, very, very new, I’m  impressed.  In full disclosure, it’s not perfect.  There are still many, many, many bugs to polish out of the code.  There is functionality to be added.  BUT… CrossOver Android is showing considerable promise and steady improvement in a very short timeframe.

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I’ve often blogged about convergence.  If the computer was the first revolution; the Internet the second revolution; then I believe STRONGLY that the next revolution will be an evolution in devices that can support multi-platform applications.  No longer will you have to choose between Windows or Linux or web based or Android.  You can use a single device that supports all of these types of applications.  This would be mind blowing for so many reasons.  You’d have the best of all worlds.  The portability and functionality of Android / Chrome combined with the consistency and security of Linux combined with the library of Windows applications (and Chrome applications and Android applications).  I know that this is coming.  You can feel that the planets are going to align in this way.  AND…  I think that running Windows applications on a Chromebook is the first step in this new technology revolution.

I’m hardly alone in my beliefs about convergence.  Wired Magazine has been touting convergence since before 2013.  Others would argue that it was Steve Jobs that first demonstrated convergence when he brought the Apple Newton into world in 1993.  No matter when convergence became a ‘thing’ there is some validity that it is the future.  Again, I’m a fan and advocate.  I believe that before technology can take that next big step (wearables, bio-implants, micro devices) that we will first witness an uncoupling of applications to specific platforms – a kind of any application on any device from anywhere.  A type of technology that is not tied to the operating system or to the Internet; but instead, a technology that is more portable and more powerful than today’s tools.  We may still be months or years away from convergence being a reality, but I would like to think that CrossOver Android is at least the start of that dream coming true. 

As for when CrossOver Android is going to be less of a dream and more of a reality for our customers, I am happy to announce that CodeWeavers is planning to release a new Tech Preview of CrossOver Android before the end of this month.  This version of the software has a new interface; support for many more applications (including Microsoft Office 2013); and better support for a larger handful of games.  Like before, the Tech Preview will be free for those who sign up here.  NOTE – this only works on Intel based devices, and its best suited for Chromebooks (but not limited to Chromebooks).  We hope you enjoy the opportunity to try CrossOver Android and can provide us with useful feedback on what we can do to improve our software. 

Thank you again for all your support and interest in our software.  We look forward to witnessing where this leads our company and how this disrupts the technology status quo.  I’m a fan!!!

UPDATE: Version 2 of the CrossOver Android Tech Preview has been released. Read the full Press Release now!

This blog post has been translated to Russian. >>> Read It Here

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running on an ASUS flip? That isn't Intel is it?

Looking forward to try the new update on my Lenovo Yoga Book. This software is also suitable for Android devices, since more Android hybrids are released .

The flip has an intel processor. Unfortunately codeweavers still doesn't have ARM support on chromebooks

the picture is the new chromebook flip. the link in the post points to the old flip, which does have an arm chip. my mistake.....

Please don't forget Remix OS for PC. This android hybrid runs CrossOver on X86 hardware and brings the idea of Android as a desktop OS to the next level. ChromeOS can't compare to this product. I could see CrossOver as a fully integrated app on this platform as I have suggested in previous posts.

Good chance, I've update that link to point to the newer Intel version of the ASUS Flip.

Me gusta como funciona, lástima que por el momento solo funciona en procesadores Intel, espero pronto lo mejoren y pueda funcionar en otros tipos de procesadores. Oh que la nueva actualizaciones incluya eso que se pueda instalar en Android con procesadores que no sean Intel.

Uhhh, Steve Jobs was nowhere near Apple or the Newton in 1993. He was desperately trying to keep NeXT afloat at that point. Toy Story was in storyboard. He returned to Apple in 1997 when Apple, then run by the incompetent Gil Amelio bought NeXT. History is important.

Not doing so well on the Asus Chromebook C302 (Intel Core M3). I've tried installing Office 2013/2010/2007 for testing and none of them come up. Not sure if its specific to the C302. I posted more details on another forum for Android Tech Preview:;msg=195489

is there any way to fix the error of installing the desktop experience for Onenote 2013??

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