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The Top 3 Reasons We Let Kids of CodeWeavers Play Wizard101

A few of us at the CodeWeavers Ranch have been playing…er…testing… Wizard101 since 2011. Since the beginning of our
"testing" of Wizard101, an exclusive group (those of us with kids) has happily introduced our children to the game. So when I was asked to write a blog post about our upcoming promotion with Wizard101, it was only natural for
me to write about why us parents love Wizard101.
kids playing wizard101 codeweavers promotion
1.) Reading, Math, and Creativity - Oh My!
Wizard101 is not a game that was designed specifically to teach math or reading skills, but a side effect of the game is its educational value. With over 50,000 lines of text in Wizard101, players are constantly exercising their reading skills to complete quests. While technically not a math game either, math and reasoning skills are improved as players learn how
to solve problems, reason out solutions, and figure out which combination of spells are needed in a given situation.

Perhaps most importantly, Wizard101 nurtures creativity. While Wizard101 is not technically an art game, it has inspired thousands of pages of creative stories written by players as well as art submissions sent to the KingsIsle office. A game like Wizard101 can ignite a future passion for computer programming, digital art, and engineering.

2.) Sustains Relationships when Distance is Involved
Instead of just chatting with relatives through Skype or Facebook, why not play a game with them? Wizard101 can encourage stronger connections with friends and family from afar. Wizard101 gives children the opportunity to play a game with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that are spread out across the country. Grandparents and grandchildren can meet and play online, using the in-game chat to catch up on daily life and do fun quests together.

3.) Teamwork
Many of the quests can eventually be completed solo, but Wizard101 makes it possible to team-up in many different ways. Playing together can be a lot of fun too! Call your friends to action, wait near the sigil or press the "Team Up" button to join a group. You can complete quests faster and have a much more rewarding time playing in a group.wizard101-p-g-arch-angel-codeweavers-blog

So what is this promotion we have going on with Wizard101?

CodeWeavers, with support from KingsIsle, have put together an offer exclusively for CrossOver customers. Buy CrossOver or renew your existing subscription of CrossOver and get a special Wizard101 bonus pack!

New Wizard101 Players (opening a new account as of December 2, 2014): Buy or renew your support of CrossOver using promo code WIZARDINVITE and receive:
• Lava Spider
• Snack Pack
• White Stag 7-Day Rental
• Hand of Doom Pack
• Remarkable Reagent Pack
• XP Boost Elixir
• Minor Fishing Luck Elixir
• Ninja Pig Transformation
• 1,000 Gold
• 750 Crowns

For Existing Wizard101 Players: Buy or renew your support of CrossOver using promo code CROWNBONUS and receive 3,000 Nontransferable Crowns.

Questions about the Promotion? For questions related to this promotion please contact
Technical Support Questions for Wizard101? For account related questions and technical support contact Wizard101.

Offer expires December 31, 2014
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