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Keeping up with Wine
I thought I'd take a minute to go a little more in depth on our recent announcement of 'experimental' builds of CrossOver.

It is a very exciting time for Wine - we've been making great strides on our way to Wine 1.0, and I'm thrilled with that progress.

But sometimes we struggle with the success and progress of Wine. We'll get customers that come to us and say "CrossOver stinks, Wine runs my application much better." And what can be deeply frustrating is that often Wine will run their application because of our work. This has long been a struggle for us; while we do a lot of the active development on Wine, we take a lot of time to refine that and polish it so that it works reliably before we ship a CrossOver release. Sometimes that makes people complain that CrossOver is old and dull when compared to Wine.

Of course, if you've ever done technical support, you know that dull is good. 😊

But many of our customers don't want dull. They want latest and greatest, the more bleeding edge, the better. And since we're often doing the bleeding edge work, it can be frustrating not to be able to give our customers our very latest work.

So now we have a facility that lets our developers take control. Any developer can now request of our QA lead to have a development build 'blessed'. If the QA lead does a modicum of testing, and feels that it is good enough, then we'll put the build up. That should hopefully speed up the process of making experimental builds available, and allow our developers to more directly interact with our customers.



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Sounds like a good move, Jeremy!

I already asked this in Stefan's blog, but I'd like to know so I'm asking you again (I suppose Stefan is busy programming instead of reading/replying to his blog :p):

do you guys plan to make it possible to assign specific Wine versions to specific apps (similar to what PlayOnLinux can do)?

Well, our more pressing goal is to make sure that each new version runs all games as well or better than any previous version.

With that said, we've done some mental thinking around how we will enable old versions to run side by side, if need be. But for now, we're clinging to our hope that it won't be needed.



I believe that this is a great move! Will it be integrated into the app so we can just upgrade and see what the changes are?

Yes, we're hoping to more fully automate the process of updating. But I'm afraid that's
going to be a while; we need to get 7.0 out first...



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