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A major milestone
Today marks a major milestone for me, personally, for CodeWeavers, and for the Wine project.

Not only did we ship CrossOver 7, our best CrossOver yet, but we, together with the rest of the Wine community, shipped Wine 1.0 today.

Wine 1.0 has been 15 years in the making, and includes 9 of the hardest years I've ever worked in my life. When I became involved with Wine and Free Software in 1999, the concept that you could successfully give away your work and still stay in business was foreign; Open Source business models were laughed at, Linux was unknown, and everyone was just waiting for Apple to die. Using an operating system not made in Redmond was considered ridiculous.

Today Apple is reinvigorated, Linux is flourishing, and Open Source business models are everywhere; in fact, very few startup technology companies are not Open Source companies in some way.

And, most importantly to me, our quest to see a stable, highly functional and usable version of Wine is complete. Wine 1.0 is certainly not perfect, and thus neither is CrossOver 7, but they both offer a real opportunity to use Windows programs on Macintosh or Linux system in a seamless way. This means that we have worked, in our way, to eliminate that applications barrier to entry, and allowed people to enjoy an alternate operating system of their choosing.

I am very grateful to the many people that have supported our work, from our customers, to our fellow Wine developers.

But now I'm going to go celebrate. It's rare that you have a chance to celebrate a milestone such as this, and I do not want to miss it.

But tomorrow we'll get back on track to continue to improve Wine so that we can continue to strive to make every application work perfectly.



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This version of Cross Over finally allows me to run an application that I use without the need for Windows.

Previous incarnations of Cross Over didn't allow it to install properly but it's all fixed.

I do have a problem with Outlook 2007 but I guess these will be looked at in future updates.

Will Cross Over get a more regular update path now to match Wine? That would be cool although understandable if it doesn't considering the different nature of the two.

Once again congrats and celebrate well, you have all done wonders.

Hi Jeremy,

Kudos to you and your team. I've been a happy user of your work since version 2.

I've just bought v7 and as soon as I've downloaded OpenSuSE 11.0, I shall be giving it a whirl.

All the best,


Thanks, Darryn.

Please be sure to file tickets on the Outlook 2007 issues; we're very interested in learning about those and fixing them.

As far as updating with respect to Wine, it's a bit of a hybrid.

Note that we do a lot of the development work on Wine, and work that we do goes first into public Wine, and then is also cherry picked over to CrossOver. Thus, for all that CrossOver's Wine base often reports an old version, it usually contains quite a few patches on top of it from the Wine mainline. The main difference is that we only cherry pick patches over that we know solve issues for customers.

Of course, with the new CrossOver games product, we're taking a bit more aggressive stance; we're going to rev it more frequently. We're also going to take advantage of our new 'unsupported builds' feature to push out more bleeding edge releases to folks that like to push the envelope.

But at the end of the day, our mission remains to help our customers use Windows application in a stable and reliable way.



Haven't purchased yet (financials are in "saving" mode, moving to Tokyo...). But grateful for all the hard work on Wine, and furthering the progression to a seamless nature of OS's one day, were Linux and OSX can happily coexist with windows!

Also Crossover games is great! Looking forward to it's improvements (and hopefully so spare cash)!

Keep up the good work!

As a Mac user, crossover is really a neglected hidden Jem when compared to vmware/parralels, even though I can't afford it (try to get by with darwine...) I always recommend people to check the appdb and see if what they want works. Most time it does, it's silly what a defector wants to use windows for LOL. Though I haven't had such thirst since I left winwoe's a few years back.

Is this a free upgrade or do I have to buy XOG 7 again to get WINE in XOG 7 upgraded to WINE 1.0? If it's free then where do I get the upgrade? Or should that have happened with the upgrade system in Ubuntu already?

CrossOver Games includes 1 year of updates, if your support is still current you can update for free.

However, there is no CrossOver Games with Wine 1.0 in it yet. We are working on it right now, and expect to release something very soon. In the past weeks we have focused our efforts on getting Office 2007 support out the door, and some changes after the CrossOver Games release caused some regressions with games. We are currently cleaning things up, and once all our supported games work again we'll release a new build. Most likely we'll first have an unsupported build, then start a beta for an updated supported build and release that as supported build once it works ok.

Ryan Martinez wrote:

Is this a free upgrade or do I have to buy XOG 7 again to get WINE
in XOG 7 upgraded to WINE 1.0? If it's free then where do I get the
upgrade? Or should that have happened with the upgrade system in
Ubuntu already?

Hi Ryan,

That's really a question best asked of one of our support resources; an email to would work nicely. To answer your question, this isn't CrossOver Games, so it doesn't apply to you. We're working on an update to CrossOver Games we hope to have out shortly. You also want to keep an eye out for unsupported Games builds; see this post on the subject:



Ah. I guess I'm jumping the gun a bit. :) Can't wait! :)

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