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Just one more turn...

So we set out to make the newly released Civilization V would work in CrossOver a few weeks back. I felt it was my duty to help the QA staff with the testing.

Now, way back in the day, the only time I ever seriously neglected my work, my life, and everything was when Civilization, the original, was released. I distinctly recall looking up from my computer one day, two weeks after I'd gotten it, and wondering, "What have I done!?!?!" Cleverly, I had gotten a copy for my wife, and she was busily playing as well, so I wasn't confronted with divorce the way you might expect. But let's just say I'm lucky my boss at the time wasn't paying a lot of attention to my productivity.

So I was a bit concerned when I started playing Civ V; I can't afford that sort of addiction at the moment. I have to say that I really like the game; I've always liked hexes, and I like the new one-unit-per-hex rule, particularly because it makes it easy to destroy enemy cities. But apparently I've gotten more mature with age, because it didn't take over my life or ruin my marriage (although my wife refuses to play it right now, claiming she doesn't have time for a new addiction).  Of course, given my role as self appointed QA guru, I can say that it only improved my effectiveness at my job; clearly another employee of the month award is called for.

It runs nicely with CrossOver 9.2 , although there are some gotchas, particularly for folks with Leopard on their Mac.

At any rate, I'll write more just as soon as I finish off the Iroquois...


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When will you introduce a Wine 1.3.5 (Office 2010 FIX)?

Office was updated a few time, but CrossOver (9.2.0) not implemented yet!!

I believe its going to be awhile before Office 2010 is officially supported. I personally just compiled Wine 1.3.5 and tried to install the demo version of Office 2010 and the install failed here.

Maybe the full version install gets further then the demo version?

Just keep supporting CodeWeavers and one day soon Office 2010 will be a relailty on Linux and Mac.


Slin wrote:

When will you introduce a Wine 1.3.5 (Office 2010 FIX)?

Office was updated a few time, but CrossOver (9.2.0) not implemented

Sorry; that release wasn't clear. We did actually update regular CrossOver to 9.2.0. But note that the main point of the update is to bring it up to the stable branch of Wine; release 1.2.1, not the unstable branch (1.3.5). We are working on Wine (that's our work on Office 2010), but Office 2010 does not yet run anywhere in Wine. As soon as we can get it to go, we will bring it out in a CrossOver release. We just take time to polish it and make it more stable and reliable.



Slin wrote:

When …?

Re broadly speaking, I'd expect any release date question to be answered with "when it's ready" 😊

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