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Okay, I'm on the bandwagon - Apple Silicon is officially cool

The new Apple Silicon-based Macs have dropped and the reviews are very positive. They've delivered faster machines that use less power, and they run CrossOver 20 brilliantly!

We have a range of the new systems on order. But we got impatient and discovered that our local Best Buy had the cheapest Macbook Air in stock, so we bought it and loaded CrossOver 20.0.2 onto it.

We also installed the beta version of Big Sur 11.1, because we know it has some critical fixes to Rosetta. After we did that, we were able to fire up CrossOver and install and run a wide range of Windows applications. We got Quicken to work: 

the desktop version of Among Us, where you can actually use your mouse,

and we were even able to have a satisfying session of Team Fortress 2:

That's incredible when you consider that we're on literally the cheapest Apple Silicon device you can buy - one that gets thermally throttled and is missing a GPU core.

I can't tell you how cool that is; there is so much emulation going on under the covers. Imagine - a 32-bit Windows Intel binary, running in a 32-to-64 bridge in Wine / CrossOver on top of macOS, on an ARM CPU that is emulating x86 - and it works! This is just so cool.

Now it isn't perfect; Team Fortress 2 showed some lag. I think we've got some work to do on that front.

But I can't get Brian to stop playing Witcher 3...



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Now this M1 Macs and CrossOver can sell like a hot cakes this season.
Wine Is Not Emulator! Rosetta is  ðŸ˜€
Amazing!! Good job!
Thanks for posting a confirmation on the status on Apple Silicon support.

Did this require macOS Big Sur 11.1 beta as another BetterTester mentioned requiring it to install .Net

You did mention the installing of Beta 11.1 nvm
Dean aka Gcenx Posted:
Did this require macOS Big Sur 11.1 beta as another BetterTester mentioned requiring it to install .Net

Yes, 11.1 beta is required. There is a fix there we depend on.
Any chance there will ever be a native version?
Wow, this is fantastic! I’ve been concerned that the move to Apple Silicon will make legacy files and legacy software inaccessible, which is a huge problem for archivists and historians.

Will the SheepShaver PowerPC Mac emulator run this way?
Brian is not PLAYING Witcher 3... he's just TESTING Witcher 3! ;)

I wonder if x86-64 over CrossOver over Rosetta 2 is faster than Windows running Windows on ARM apps :D
Can you please provide any benchmark comparisons between the M1 and any x86 CPU of choice, running the same Windows binary?
I'd be interested in seeing Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, e.g.) working in emulation on the M1. Is it usable?
Thinking about how many layers things go through to get this to work is mind boggling.

TF2.exe > Wine/CrossOver > 32bit to 64bit translation > Rosetta2 > Screen > Your Brain > The nexxus!

I'm still impressed by our 32bit translation stuff even though I don't personally understand how it works. It is just plain magic.
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Here is another video I whipped up that shows a few more games working. Enjoy.


i just played around with the Crossover Trial and want to confirm that i (just for a quick test) installed and launched notepad++ and Steam, and via Steam Banished and all runs flawless. I'm not on the Big Sur Beta, so it's kinda cool see it working anyways!

Really nice!


What is the long term plan for Crossover? Apple will probably pull Rosetta 2 a couple years down the line like they did last time. So you will need an other emulator instead of Rosetta 2 to keep things working. Will you try to build in one emulator your selves into the product to solve this, or is there some other alternative solution?

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