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We hate keeping good news to ourselves (it's Monterey-markable)

I am so pleased to announce that CrossOver 21 will now run on the latest macOS Monterey beta (developer beta 5 21A5304g)!

Our QA team is currently undergoing a thorough testing sweep that we complete for all new macOS versions. While we still have plenty to do, our initial tests are largely positive. We hate keeping good news to ourselves, so we decided to share some highlights.

Testing on both Intel and M1 machines, we got both Quicken and Steam to install and run:

We also installed a few games and confirmed that they’re running well, including Skyrim SE (pretty cool that it can run on M1 with the Vulkan wined3d backend, huh?):

Team Fortress 2:



While these results are very encouraging, macOS Monterey is not yet considered a supported platform for CrossOver at this time. If you already have the Monterey beta installed, go ahead and try the new beta out for yourselves but please refrain from submitting tickets about any CrossOver issues encountered. Our QA team is continuing to test, and we are eager to make a plan to address bugs if any are found. When we are ready to claim official support for CrossOver 21 on Monterey, we will be sure to let you know.

One last note: in the spirit of full transparency, we found that CrossOver 20 also seems to run on Monterey. When using CrossOver 20, you will get a dialog warning you that CrossOver needs to be updated, but our basic tests show that at least some things seem to work. If any changes are needed on our end to allow CrossOver to fully function on Monterey, those fixes will be released in an update to CrossOver 21. For all of those reasons, we will not be considering CrossOver 20 as supported on Monterey.

Thank you all for your continued support and your patience with macOS Monterey.



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I see that you still have the issue of the CrossOver title bar covering part of the window when running Quicken. It's been that way for a long time. It sure would be nice to fix that bug once and for all. The tiniest sliver of the Quicken search entry box pokes out from under the title bar. It's nearly impossible to get a cursor to land on that box, and you can't see what you are typing as you enter. I have had to resort to account by account searches as a work around. For those, the search entry box is lower, and not obscured.

Otherwise - good news.


Finally.....Only bad news is it still isn't working...I can't make bottles

Well, not so true..... I cannot create bottles, using Monterey beta 4 and M1.

Salvador Iglesias Tudó wrote:

Well, not so true..... I cannot create bottles, using Monterey beta
4 and M1.

Developer beta 5 is mentioned in text as working and public beta 5 is just released.

I wondering how can i run Rockstar Game Launcher with crossover... I wanna play GTA V in my M1 Mac.


mostly we code...sometimes we write.....

but csgo is to heavy........ -.-

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