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CrossOver 23.6: Another strike against platform limitations

When we've got something good, we simply can't wait to share. Hot on the heels of CrossOver 23.5, we proudly present the latest and greatest CrossOver 23.6.

Counter-Strike 2

The shiniest feature of this release is support for Counter-Strike 2 on Mac. We made a few tweaks to get this game working well out-of-the-box: just search for Counter-Strike 2 within CrossOver and click Install! We tested the game on macOS Ventura and Sonoma with both Silicon and Intel hardware.

Furthermore, we are committed to continuing to make fixes and improvements to make sure Mac gamers can reliably run Counter-Strike 2 seamlessly through CrossOver now and in the future.


Warframe is also now running well through Steam with CrossOver 23.6; no tinkering required. We recommend macOS Sonoma running on a Silicon machine for the best experience.

Important fixes

CrossOver 23.6 also includes a couple of important fixes:

- Printing now works on macOS Sonoma.

- Quicken no longer crashes after the latest update.

How to get it

Customers with active support entitlements will be prompted soon to upgrade to CrossOver 23.6. Alternatively, you can download the latest version here.

If CrossOver asks for registration, use your email address and password to register and unlock CrossOver. Email if you need more help.

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Meredith has been with CodeWeavers since 2019, and currently wears both the QA Manager and CrossOver Product Manager hats. After getting her PhD in linguistics, she somehow stumbled into the Free and Open Source Software world. When she isn't testing CrossOver, she's probably perfecting yet another bean stew, jogging slowly, buying even more linen tunics, doing a face mask or doting on her perfect chunky baby. 

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Wow; you guys are doing an incredible job with the frequent and potent releases lately! Pushing the great changes that really help out Mac users with our love of gaming! I hope you know how much it's appreciated when you work so hard on these impactful changes and then ship them promptly. Glad to be a lifetime supporter.

5 11

Any news on an update to support Company of Heroes 3? Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for this update.
When will GPTK 1 come to CrossOver? :O

Was Apple's GPTK updated?


How much fps will I get in CS2 on m1 pro 16gb?

Can you adapt overwatch2, now play this game, after the death of the character, the target can not get, need to re-cmd +tab cut out, in order to continue the game, can you optimize

This is a link, community people to discuss the problem on

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