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An inside look at the CrossOver QA process...and how you can help!

Our CrossOver team is hard at work fixing bugs and adding features for the 23 release later this year. Here’s a peak at what our testing for CrossOver 23 will look like.

What we do

Before each major CrossOver release, our quality assurance (QA) team does a thorough testing sweep of both CrossOver itself and Windows applications running with CrossOver.

We test CrossOver on all supported macOS versions (both Intel and Silicon machines), all officially supported and popular-but-not-officially-supported Linux distros and ChromeOS, making sure that all core functionality is working well. For those of you that like numbers, we will be testing on nine different Macs*, eight Linux distros** and one Chromebook for the 23 release.

We also test out a wide variety of our most popular applications to make sure they continue to work well on macOS, Linux and ChromeOS. Some of the applications we test on macOS are games running through Steam, Quicken and Office 2010. On Linux, we test Office 2016 and 365, Quicken, and games.

* Our macOS tests will include High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur Intel, Big Sur Silicon, Monterey Intel, Monterey Silicon, Ventura Intel and Ventura Silicon 

** Our Linux tests will include three Ubuntu versions (LTS and current), Debian, Mint, Fedora, an Arch-based distro and openSUSE Tumbleweed.

How you can help

Even though our QA is fabulously meticulous, we just can’t possibly test everything! Our scope of testing is “All Windows applications on a wide variety of supported macOS and Linux distros.” I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that there is likely no other QA team that has such an extensive range of software they can test.

Since we can’t test absolutely everything - even though we try our best! - we rely on our BetterTesters to complement our testing efforts. BetterTesters get access to our beta builds and submit reports on how their favorite applications are working with CrossOver. Our team reviews every report, and makes sure that any reported regressions get investigated right away so we can get fixes in place before the official release. Our BetterTesters also help by submitting ratings and screenshots for applications, and some even make CrossTies so all users can benefit from being able to easily install the many Windows applications that run well under CrossOver. 

Our testing of CrossOver 23 is underway as I type this up, and soon it will be your turn to test! If you’re interested in joining our testing collective, sign up here. I’m already looking forward to your beta reports.

About Meredith Johnson
Meredith has been with CodeWeavers since 2019, and currently wears both the QA Manager and CrossOver Product Manager hats. After getting her PhD in linguistics, she somehow stumbled into the Free and Open Source Software world. When she isn't testing CrossOver, she's probably perfecting yet another bean stew, jogging slowly, buying even more linen tunics, doing a face mask or doting on her perfect chunky baby. 

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Thank you for your support of ChromeOS. As a Chromebook user since around 2016, I have adapted to this platform. With my aging 64 bit Fedora Linux box feeling slower and slower, I took the plunge to selectively boot from either my Fedora 32 system, or my ChromeOS FLEX drive. I am not a gamer. I am retired and no longer work.

I see a Chromebox in my future, as it had the Google security chip on it, where I will keep Crossover Office around for my one very old version of Excel spreadsheet. For all other programs, I plan to use Flathub as my source for browsers and programs that are not compatible with Crossover Office. I wish I could only stay with Crossover Office as I have been a customer for well over a decade. However with the change in focus to game support, I needed to figure out a way to get both CO and Flathub to co-exist on my own.

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If they ensure a version where Microsoft Office 365 in wayland works stable, I'll sign up

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