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Double the Diablo, double the fun: Diablo IV now playable on CrossOver 23 beta

Last month, we made the groundbreaking announcement that Diablo II Resurrected was running on CrossOver 23 Mac nightly builds. The game had been playable on Linux since CrossOver 22, and the Mac news was revolutionary because it was the first ever report of a DirectX 12 game being playable on macOS.

In our unyielding pursuit of DirectX 12 support, we got Diablo IV working on Linux with the first CrossOver 23 beta released last week. We’ve been working tirelessly to bring the game to our Mac users, and we’re now delighted to share the news that Diablo IV is working on macOS with the second CrossOver 23 beta, released just moments ago. Our QA team tested on an M2 Air running Ventura:

As mentioned in our last update, DirectX 12 support has been quite the technical challenge. For each game, we find multiple bugs that need to be fixed. We are committed to continuing to offer the absolute best gaming support on macOS. CrossOver 23 will be released later this summer, so be sure to subscribe to get updates on CrossOver releases.

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Meredith has been with CodeWeavers since 2019, and currently wears both the QA Manager and CrossOver Product Manager hats. After getting her PhD in linguistics, she somehow stumbled into the Free and Open Source Software world. When she isn't testing CrossOver, she's probably perfecting yet another bean stew, jogging slowly, buying even more linen tunics, doing a face mask or doting on her perfect chunky baby. 

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I´m urge of this update release ASAP hahaha fans of Age of Empires 2 DE still can´t play. Diablo IV sees fantastic. Please hurry up 😀


When will the fix for Age of Empires Definitive Edition come? It's been a month and still no update. That's the only game I play on Steam and the only reason I buy crossover. What's the point in paying for it if I am not going to be able to use it?


How do I become a beta tester? lol

This is fantastic news!
I can't say how much I appreciate this.
I'll purchase your software as soon as version 23 releases.

Amazing job, please keep it up.


Its good that we can have new games but please we are still waiting for AOE2 to work, its the only game I play. We hope that this new update make AOE2 work other wise it wouldnt make sense to pay for crossover.

Can't wait! Just take my money!

So now I am torn between wanting more "summer" or a sooner "later this summer" ...

Josh Mandeville wrote:

How do I become a beta tester? lol

Fill "BetterTester" application on the site.
CrossOver is in beta state right now. All current new beta builds will be available in "Nightly Builds".
More stable beta builds are published in "Beta Center".

I've yet to have a single game work on CrossOver 22, so all my hopes for not wasting my money are on CrossOver 23. Hoping for more than blog posts soon!

Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work! This is quite an accomplishment! And great news for Diablo fans. And it bodes well for other DX12 games running on a Mac (please, Elden Ring...)

Tested on my Intel Mac and Diablo IV can run. However, it's laggy. I'm too lazy to test on my Apple Silicon but I think the experience may better.

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