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One of the beauties of the open source movement is that it doesn't revolve strictly around money. Dedicated, talented individuals who are willing to contribute their time to projects can get things done, too, and help out the community as a whole. That's a principle that CodeWeavers strongly believes in.

Here at the Compatibility Center, we're looking for similarly talented individuals who have a passion to see their favorite Windows applications running on Mac or Linux under CrossOver. Advocates (as we refer to them) are the focal points for the mini-communities we create around applications. Advocates help other users by dispensing their knowledge about their favorite operating systems and CrossOver. They help CodeWeavers by testing their favorite applications on CrossOver. And they help themselves by helping their applications run better as a result of their good efforts.

The Perks...

Advocates receive certain benefits from CodeWeavers, including:

  1. Free CodeWeavers CrossOver software for as long as you are a proven advocate.
  2. Access to nightly builds and beta release versions of CodeWeavers products, so you'll always have the latest and greatest to play with.
  3. Access to Advocate only forums, which will give you a better connection to the developers and management at CodeWeavers.
  4. Your name listed on this site.
  5. The ability to earn experience points and achieve ranks. You rank icon will be displayed on your profile and forum posts.
  6. Our undying, heartfelt gratitude.

The Stuff Ya Gotta Do...

In return, we require that you do the following:

  1. Rank how well your application performs in each production release of CrossOver.
  2. Submit at least one (1) beta report for each new beta version of CrossOver, so we can track how well your application works with a potential new release.
  3. If you have created a CrossTie file for an application, you must re-test that CrossTie with new releases of CrossOver to confirm that it's still working, and submit a rank.

In addition, we love it when Advocates also:

  1. Spread the word about CrossOver! In our opinion, not enough people know we exist. We have a set of graphics and tips on how best to do this.
  2. Actively monitor the threaded discussions on the application page, and provide your knowledge to the community.
  3. Update the Tips & Tricks on the application page to help other users out.
  4. Write regression testing scripts to help us guarantee that your application always functions with the latest and greatest builds of Wine.

We've even been known to send T-shirts and other incredibly valuable prizes to our best Advocates.

The Stirring Call to Action...

So, you'd like to be an advocate? Here's the deal. We ask you to understand all the Perks and Responsibilities mentioned above.

Failure to keep up on your obligations runs the risk that we will revoke your advocate privileges.

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Why do you want to be an Advocate? What's your motivation? Tell us why you're interested...

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