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This application does run if you follow the instructions
Susan Salisbury
Susan Salisbury
Posted 2011-02-03 14:12
I  have crossover 10.1 running on my imac.  I followed the instructions on the Accesslaw webpage and the application DOES RUN

Using AccessLaw Software with CrossOver Mac

The following products have been tested and will run using CrossOver Mac Version 9.1.0 These directions are for the 9.1.0 version, we cannot guarantee these directions apply to other versions.
CalDVD, CalDisc, USSC+, Jury Instructions

NOTE: To check your current Crossover Mac Version click CROSSOVER at the top left corner then click ABOUT CROSSOVER. All software must be installed to the hard drive, running from the disc may not run correctly on all systems.

Jury Instruction Users with CalDVD/CalDisc must install to the same bottle as CalDVD/CalDisc

After the CrossOver Mac installation is complete follow the guide below

1. Open up CrossOver.  On the CrossOver main window click MANAGE BOTTLES
2. Click the + sign on the left, bottom of the window, name the bottle accordingly (CalDVD, USSC+, etc.), type should be winXP, click CREATE.
3. Click the bottle you just created, click the tab APPLICATIONS on the top right, click INSTALL SOFTWARE.
4. Scroll down towards the bottom of the list and expand the RUNTIME SUPPORT COMPONENTS. Click on MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ 2005 REDISTRIBUTABLE, and then click INSTALL.
5. The program will download the file then begin to install. Click YES to install then DONE when completed. DO NOT CLOSE THE PROGRAM WINDOW.
6. Insert the AccessLaw Software Disc.  A Crossover Mac Window will pop up.
7. Click INSTALL. In the new window that appears click EDIT on the line WILL INSTALL INTO A NEW WINXP BOTTLE 'softwarename'.
8. You need to install to the bottle you created it from the list then click INSTALL.
9. AccessLaw software will pop up, click FULL INSTALL and go thru all the prompts.
10. Once installation is complete you can access the installed software by clicking PROGRAMS on the top bar when the Crossover Mac program is open.

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