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trouble with 4.2?

Hi folks,

I'm having trouble getting Photoshop to run with Crossover 4.2; it installs just fine, and looks like it runs fine too, but as soon as the splash screen disappears, it pops up a dialog box that says, "Could not initialize Photoshop because of a program error."

I'm a bit puzzled, because I thought I remember having it working with 4.2rc2, but now I can't get it to run there either.

Does anyone have this working, or have you seen this message? The error is so generic that I can't begin to guess what's wrong. I've used the same install media for years and haven't had any trouble (and I'm sure it's not scratched or anything--unless you can scratch an NFS mount. ;)


No troubles here.

Hi, I am having the same problem, but my problem started when I upgraded my ram from 1gb to 1.5gb

The ram is not faulty and PS7 works fine in both WinXP and in VMWare running WinXP which leads me to believe it is a problem with CX Office or Wine in general.

Anyone have any clues ?

Further to your problems, I have resolved mine now - the two following support threads may help you fix yours.;s_subject=photoshop;search=%20Submit%20Search%20#ticket48044;s_subject=photoshop;search=%20Submit%20Search%20#ticket49119

I spent some time working with a user that was seeing this.

When he changed his kernel from a Gentoo specific 2.6.10 to
a vanilla 2.6.11, the problem vanished.

Photoshop is very sensitive to timing, and a kernel that doesn't
have 'normal' timing could well throw Wine off its game
(and make the brushes go awry).



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