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Slight stutter every 8 in-game seconds, M1 Macbook pro

Hi everyone, looking for help on a minor issue - it's completely playable but fixing this would be nice.

I play AoE2 DE on my M1 Macbook pro, and it runs really well, including multiplayer. Only issue is a slight stutter that happens exactly every 8 in game seconds (which is around every 5 real-time seconds).

I've scoured the forums here and Reddit and it seems I'm not alone. I've tried using the updated DXVK, the updated Vulkan, I've put the new DLL files in the c drive and in the crossover app package, but it doesn't make any difference. I'm about 80% sure I've done everything right and I've tried different combos of solutions but just haven't been able to fix it. Has anyone overcome this issue?

(On another note, I have tried to play an old copy of AOM and it stutters MUCH more regularly, every second or so, and for longer. Tried to also fix that but it seems that it might be an issue with 32-bit programs)


Hi Miles, same issue here. This seems to have something do with Rosetta as I didn't have this problem on an Intel Mac. Any updates from the developers?


Same issue for me. I'm on the new M1 pro chip. Would very much like a solution.


I have the same issue on my 14" M1 Pro.
Since a few days, it also gets slower and slower as the game goes, with heavy input lag (about 2 seconds), making it unplayable in the mid-late game.
I still have plenty of CPU power to spare. GPU is a bit tighter, but it always has been and never caused an issue before. Memory pressure never exceeds 75% as well, and nothing strange happens on the network.


what are the macOS and Crossover versions you're using?
Are you by any chance playing on a dual display setup (external + laptop)?

In case it helps, this has been my journey with this issue:

  1. With BigSur + Crossover 20.0.4, it worked just fine.
  2. Updated to Monterey + Crossover 21.1.0: the stuttering appeared.
  3. Updated DXVK 1.9.2: it reduced stuttering duration (compared to DXVK 1.7.14).
  4. Got angry in many unplayable games.
  5. Reverted to BigSur + Crossober 20.0.4: stuttering still present (to my surprise, since step 1 was OK).
  6. Closed my laptop to only play with the external screen. Now it works perfectly.

So, I assumed it was something related to the dual monitor setup, but I haven't yet tested if Monterey + Crossover 21.1.0 with only 1 monitor works OK. Please let me know the results if you test this!


I have the same issue. Mine is a stutter every 5 seconds. I also have a stutter as soon as I press the shortcut to go back to the TC. This is very frustrating as it is totally impossible to play at a slightly competitive level which requires high APM.. btw, my issue is present both on my MBP M1 Max 16 inches screen or on an external screen.

I am having the same issue. Does anyone know a fix?

The same happens to me, the FPS drastically drops every 8 seconds

Having the same problem here and I'm gutted to see there's no solution after all this time. 😢 Mine is the M2 Max so it's certainly an ARM thing rather than a specific spec that's the issue

Ecactly the same problem for me as well. stutters every 5 seconds. Tried all the stuff with different dsvk versions also.

Anybody tried it with the new Crossover Version 23.5.0?
I don't want to buy the new license for nothing...

This is happening also for me on an Intel 16” MBP. Otherwise everything is really smooth on high graphic settings, but stuttering happens around every 5 seconds or so.

Tried on 23.6 trial.

Anyone found a fix for this? Same issue on Crossover 23.7 and M1 Pro. Every 5-8 seconds there is a stutter which makes it really hard to play.

But how bad stutter are we talking about? In my case it's kind of few 10ths of a second maybe, close to insignificant. Don't get me wrong, it would be great to not have it at all, but I'm just not sure we are having the same level of stutter since this is totally playable, for me at least. Maybe there are some ways to improve the situation, if we can not remove the stutter completely.

I have it too on version on my 14" Macbook Pro, M3 Pro. Every 4-5 seconds, a stutter of half a second.

It's playable, but it is also noticeable. And as the issue does not seem to be dependent on the hardware or on the game and its setting, it should be worthwhile to investigate what the core issue is.

It certainly is worth investigating, I've let the CodeWeavers trial expire and am waiting for a fix until I buy a license.

Experiencing the same issue. The game is sort of "playable", but it's really one of those things that drives you bonkers! Like a dripping faucet when you're trying to sleep or something.

The game could also be considered "unplayable", because if the stutter occurs while you're trying to make a selection or pan, you'll end up on the other side of the map when it comes back.

Forget about trying to play game or two online as well with the stutter induced selection issue.

I've always had the same issue and is what's stopping me from purchasing a license. I've tried upgrading dxvk to ensure it's on latest version and looking into dxvk-async (but wasn't quite sure how to install it).

Anyway we can flag this thread for CodeWeavers support? If someone with a license can reach out to Support that would be a good start

Same issue here with mb air m1

And this gets unplayable when I have 50/60 armies fighting on my screen

I also came across this:

Suggesting that CrossOvers 23.5 + macOS Sonoma fixes the stutter. I haven't tried it yet though

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