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Game is reported to run under Wine in Linux

First I will say, that if it will run under crossover I will buy it immediately.

And now what I may help you to run it.
Here man reported that he managed to run it under 64bit Arch Linux under wine 1.1.29. He used some winetricks (dotnet20, vcrun2005sp1 and d3dx9) after that he made that things to his OS.

3. The game opens large amount of file descriptors, therefore you must raise the securty limit for your user:

As root add lines to /etc/security/limits.conf:
yourusername soft nofile 8192
yourusername hard nofile 8192 

And replace yourusername with your user. Reboot to make changes go in effects (confirm with: ulimit -n).

I don't know is it possible to do in OS X. in etc/security there isn't limits.conf. Under Linuxes there it is. But I think something like that must be somewhere in OS X also. The question is where?

This man also reports that he ran the game using run command.
Here you can download bat executable to run Aion without luncher.

Hope you know where and what should change. See you at the CX shop.

Currently I have the game installed and updating via a modified version of the script found here and Fink:

Everything works wonderfully until I invoke the command wine bin32/aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:2 -lang:enu -noauthgg -noweb found at

At this point I am given the error shown here:

This seems to be a remnant of Gameguard (according to similar reports from older NCSoft games L2, etc). So I am close, I just do not know how to get passed this hurdle...

Been talking about this on Twitter, you can follow me:


***I should mention that I am running CXG 8 under a WinXP bottle

I'm also getting this error. But it should be OS independent and on linux there isn't such a bug. I think that it is because of limits to open files in OS X and linux, but in linux it can be set to unlimited with fix which I submitted. People are reporting that it works flawlessly/low fps but works everything/or in the worst scenario it goes to the NCSoft splash screen.
I'm almost sure we also can get it working if somebody knowing Mac very good for example CX developer say where to look for that options as OS X has BSD roots I'm sure it is possible.

I dont think the permissions is the issue with Mac. While yes I agree that these errors appear to be OS independent the fact is that they are not. For instance, ARCH can run it, but Ubuntu cannot. These use the same build of WINE etc. I believe that this has to do with remnants of Gameguard still being in the code even though it is not active.

Debian, Gentoo, Arch and Ubuntu are reported to running Aion see here. Some of them have openGL errors like freeze on NCSoft splash screen (generally Ubuntu) or low framerate (Ubuntu alfa of Karmic Koala with fixes to openGL manually applied).

That are entirely different errors to that which we are facing.
From my researches:
oreans.vxd shouldn't exist... vxd drivers were used in Windows 98 or earlier.
We're facing some kind of GG remnant error. I've tried to run game with hacked executables mad by Fyyre. Link on the bottom of site to which I linked... And I saw a beautiful Aion splash screen in the middle of my mac. But it freezed. Probably because I have files updated to and this crack is to I'm saying so because terminal didn't outputted any data which would be saying that something started to run... Nothing started.

My guess is that this error is showing because Aion can't run more files. In OS X there is limit to 256 open files for user. In linux it is 1024. And suggestion from AppDB is to give aion permission to open about 8000.

I've asked for help on Porting Team. Maybe somebody of this game porters will find out solution. And today in my local Apple shop I've get contact to guy who may know how to change that limits.
I'm sure of one thing. If it runs on linux sooner or later it will run on mac too.


I noticed in the WineHQ thread that you stated "that it worked". Are you stating that the fix to the file limit worked or that you can now get Aion to work?

If it is working are you using CXG to run it or just a WINE build?

I have changed the file limits on 10.6.1 and still get the 07 error...


Sorry. That comment was only to the file limit problem. Today is going live new patch solving 'Critical Bugs' maybe it will in some way help us also.
Now I'm thinking that Wine/CX don't have some privilages under OS X which it may have under Linux... Or really don't know. Do you have any progress in making this work?

ubuntu runs this game fine, i have had no problems with anything. im using ubuntu 9.10 with cxgames 8.1.0

On Mac OS X write into terminal:
sudo pico /etc/launchd.conf
and add there a line:
limit maxfiles 8192
Save files and reboot to make changes go in effects. Confirm if it works by writing into terminal­:
ulimit -n

-noauthgg makes it so it runs without GameGuard, and that command no longer works. however has some game guard tools that may or may not help.
only problem is i don't have a mac. so i cant test it for you

Oskar Gargas wrote:

He used some winetricks (dotnet20, vcrun2005sp1 and d3dx9) after
that he made that things to his OS.

How do I use winetricks in CrossOver? I really want to get Aion to work on CrossOver!

Douglas Pope wrote:

How do I use winetricks in CrossOver? I really want to get Aion to
work on CrossOver!


Check out this thread..;;mhl=83143;msg=83098


Douglas Pope wrote:

Oskar Gargas wrote:

He used some winetricks (dotnet20, vcrun2005sp1 and
d3dx9) after that he made that things to his OS.

How do I use winetricks in CrossOver? I really want to get Aion to
work on CrossOver!

For those particular packages, it should suffice to use the profiles built into CrossOver Games:

dotnet20 == Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
vcrun2005sp1 == Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
d3dx9 == Microsoft DirectX Runtime - Modern

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