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Alan Wake issues (CrossOver 15.2.0)
Posted 2016-08-10 13:58
Tested using the GOG version of the game in CrossOver 15.2.0 and Wine Staging 1.9.16 via PlayOnLinux with virtual desktop and CSMT enabled, on Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64bit with kernel 4.4.0-34 & Nvidia GTX 750Ti using proprietary driver 367.35.

To get it running it needs d3dcompiler_43 (used DirectX 9 Modern in CrossOver)

Issues found so far occur in both CrossOver and Wine Staging:

- Graphical glitch when standing in Safe Havens:
- Graphical glitches when performing a cinematic dodge (seems to be related to the blurring effect there):
- An issue with the moon/sky, at least in the prologue/tutorial (haven't played beyond that in Wine/CrossOver). The moon isn't where it should be & shifts position based on where the camera is pointing.
- Some graphical effects such as light shafts are missing
- Trying to turn vsync on results in a crash with the error: "BeginScene failed - Invalid call". Trying to change resolution also results in the same crash although unlike vsync the change does get applied when the game is restarted.
Posted 2016-12-22 11:28
Have tested again with Wine Staging 2.0-rc2 and CrossOver 16, no change

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