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Double Clickage in Character Setup?

I've gotten Arcanum installed and running and all that jazz on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Crossover 11. One problem I'm running into, however, is in the character setup bit. A single click turns into a double click, somehow, with a pause between the two "clicks". I've noticed this when increasing attributes and adding skills.

I don't know if this occurs during actual gameplay as I've not made a character given that skills are unassigned as soon as I assign them, due to this problem.

Thanks much, and do excuse if this is mentioned elsewhere. I searched, but didn't find it. x_x
I have the same problem.

It might be related to the extremely slow framerate, that i experience with this game. It´s close to unplayable because its sooooooo sloooooooooow.

this is solved if you use the -doublebuffer addition on game startup.
to be more clear:
1. open crossover.
2. go to the menu point "applications". there choose the "run command" line.
3. in the "run command" window, choose the bottle in which you installed Arcanum. Than search, inside of the bottle, for the Arcanum.exe file. You will than see the whole path to the Arcanum.exe shown in the command line. It will look something like this:
"/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/warlords3/drive_c/Program Files/"
4. go to the end of this path line and type, at the back of the line, "-no3d -doublebuffer".
5. Now click on "run" or save the command in the applications menu (so you do not have to retype all that every time you play the game.

anyway the game should be a lot more fluent now and the stuttering mouse should move with normal speed.


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