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Indirect Path to calling the application...

Recently I had to reinstall COH on a different computer.

Previously, when I installed COH the link to call COH from ~/Applications/CrossOver Games/ was very direct and easy for me to edit and change the flags.

Now I have this instead:

        <string>"/Users/jackal/Library/Application Support/CrossOver Games/Bottles/COH-Bottle/desktopdata/cxmenu/StartMenu.C^5E3A^5Fusers^5Fcrossover^5FStart^2BMenu/cohupdater"</string>

So following the trail.. I go find "StartMenu.C^3A_users_crossover_Start+Menu/cohupdater" and see what it is:

$ more "Library/Application Support/CrossOver Games/Bottles/COH-Bottle/desktopdata/cxmenu/StartMenu.C^5E3A^5Fusers^5Fcrossover^5FStart^2BMenu/cohupdater"
exec "/Applications/CrossOver" --bottle "COH-Bottle" --check --wait-children --start "C:/users/crossover/Start Menu/cohupdater.lnk" "$@"

So following the trail... I go find "C:/users/crossover/Start Menu/cohupdater.lnk":

$ file "/Users/jackal/Library/Application Support/CrossOver Games/Bottles/COH-Bottle/drive_c/users/crossover/Start Menu/cohupdater.lnk"
/Users/jackal/Library/Application Support/CrossOver Games/Bottles/COH-Bottle/drive_c/users/crossover/Start Menu/cohupdater.lnk: MS Windows shortcut

So that's a window's shortcut. In Windows you right click the short cut and get properties to add options to the command line (like -renderthread 0) ... but here I'm lost.

This used to be so direct and easy to edit... not it's a long path of links to links to links... Very confusing and hard to follow.

I'm to assume I could change "string" in the original file and make it call the cohupdater.exe directly and skip all these links to shell script to links... but I'm not sure.

Any suggestions how to make this more cleanly call cohupdater.exe ?

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