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Wine bugs

Hi! I just discovered Crossover Games for Linux is supposed to support City Of Heroes. Now I keep Windows XP around just to play this game. I've tried running City Of Heroes with Wine on the newest Ubuntu Linux but there's some bugs that I can't get past [see link]. The most important one is 10080 where the costume selector screen crashes the game.

Can anyone confirm if any of these bugs exists on the newest version of Crossover Games?

I'd rather not buy or install the trial version unless I'm pretty sure this bug is fixed.


Wine bugs for City Of Heroes

I can only speak for Crossover Mac w/ATI graphics hardware, but the costume editor has worked flawlessly for quite some time for me.

My personal recommendation would be 'try it and see', the only thing you lose is a little time. :)

Just reviewed the extent bugs in the Wine tracker...

10081, 10082, and 13718 exist in Crossover as well.

10082 isn't as severe as it used to be; there are no keystrokes lost anymore, but it does fail to release keyboard focus after hitting enter. I've developed the habit of hitting 'escape' afterwards.

10081 is partially a red herring, as -renderthread 1 is a deprecated option to pass the application. There are, however, some issues with CoX' detection of multicore CPUs on Wine, Crossover, and Cedega.

13718 is intermittent, and typically easily resolved by simply closing out Crossover, then reopening it. If you don't experience that particular flavor of rubberbanding immediately, you won't again as long as you have the CoX client open. This, of course, does not preclude standard latency or network interruption rubberbanding.

10080 has been reported in the past by nvidia users, but doesn't seem to be getting a lot of noise lately.

Hope this helps. I stick with my prior recommendation: Try it and find out. :)


Thanks but I think I'll stick to running the game from Windows XP for now. I'll keep an eye on the development of Crossover Games and Wine though. 😏

If it helps, I dived into the history a bit more, and people who were unable to use the costume selector were still able to chance costumes with /cc, the 'costume change' command.
i.e. /cc 0, /cc 1, etc.
So this functionality is -available- to everyone, even the ones who experienced trouble with the cute little menu I've not used for over a year. :D

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