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Why is it marked as "Known to Not Work" when it works flawlessly under CrossOver Games for Mac 7.1.1 ?

Why does this show up at "Known to Not Work" when we know it works flawlessly under 7.1.1 for Mac??

It doesn't work at all with 7.2.0. That's true, but it gives the impression that it doesn't work at all when you see "Known to Not Work", and that's not the case. It does work under 7.1.1 as I play it literally daily under 7.1.1 with no problems.

Simply because the current version -- 7.2.0 -- is the one that is "official". It would actually be more misleading if it was still listed as honorable mention but didn't work at all with the version new users are most likely to download, when the staff knows it doesn't work with it. (hence 'known not to work').

The other reason is that it may work flawlessly with 7.1.1 on some graphics cards and not others. Since this is an OpenGL game that talks in the most direct way to the OSX/Linux driver(usually a good thing) there's little we can do if there's a problem.

But since there's a cider port of that game its very likely that the CoH maker had to fix / work around all those problems so it works much better on CrossOver as well.

It actually doesn't work "much better", the performance is significantly lower with vastly greater memory consumption. Sadness.
The main advantage the Cider encapsulation of CoX has is that it allows higher grade shinies than Crossover (at an absurd performance cost), and it doesn't suffer from the minor input issues Crossover displays. Otherwise, it's inferior.

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