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DVD Version
Posted 2011-05-28 04:15
I have tried all suggestions in previous posts, this game will NOT install from the DVD on Linux.

I tried on two different computers, same results:

Clicking 'Install' from the autorun just freezes.

Running the Setup.exe crashes with the same error as running the gameInst.exe:
'gameInst.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close.'

Virtual Desktop does not correct the issue. Installing MS Visual C++ Redist and DirectX 9.0 also doesn't fix the issue.

Does anyone have this working from DVD? Why does this have a Gold rating? Shouldn't the Steam version technically be the same as the DVD version except installer?
Artist Formally Known as Dot
Artist Formally Known as Dot Advocate
Posted 2011-05-28 05:53
Hi there,

 No ... I have the Steam version, and these always differ from the disc
based releases in many ways. If I recall correctly, the first time one
start CoH on Steam, the first thing that happens is a proprietary EULA
pops up which you have to agree with before the actual 'first time start
installation process' begins ; once that finishes, the title itself starts... very likely -is- the same *game* software, but the installers differ
considerably. In Steam, what I describe above happens by way of 'virtual
file systems' and online interactions ; the installer on the DVD is likely
trying to accomplish exactly the same DRM tasks, however, instead of using
a mounted virtual filesystem or online negotiations to obtain the needed
DRM keys, it's trying to obtain such from the disc media itself (which may
likely fail for a number of reasons)...

...looking over at WineHQ, it seems most people there report installing
and patching the disc release using Windows, and (I guess?) copy the data

There are threads related to this on the 'net from Windows users, which speak
to what I say above. One of the complaints Windows users have about the Steam
version of CoH is that every time you launch the thing, you have to logon. It's
true, does the same thing in CXG...however...if you have the DVD version and the
DRM can authenticate itself against that media, you don't have to logon to the
game network. *Some* (not nearly all) DVD releases of games can be registered
using Steam, but I have no idea if CoH is one of them...

Hope this explains things...

Posted 2011-05-29 01:03
Thanks for the explanation and the link!

I will try to install and patch the game on a VM and copy it over. I imagine I will need to use crossover to install some prereq's. If I get it working I will post my steps.

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