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Profile is busy?
kevin Hall
kevin Hall
Posted 2009-10-25 15:50
Anyone know how to resolve this problem? Every time i try to login at the relic online screen it says profile is busy try again later. I tried making new profiles but they still say the same thing. And also, this is not for the login account screen, this is the profile screen.
Marshall Reeske
Marshall Reeske
Posted 2009-11-12 07:23
After taking a look at WineHQ, the problem lies with Wine's network libraries. Recent releases of Wine, that are not yet incorporated into Crossover, resolve this issue.

I'm using the Steam version of Company of Heroes and I play it in offline mode.

1) Disable your internet connection.
2) Start up Steam in Offline Mode.
3) Start up Company of Heroes.
4) Company of Heroes will ask you where you purchased your copy from; select "Steam".
5) Company of Heroes will ass you to insert the CD/DVD; press "Ok". Steam will allow you to play even without a CD/DVD.
6) Enjoy!
Posted 2010-01-15 18:09
This is working as per instructions in tips&tricks, with some twists.
Crossover games 8.1.4 mac osx 10.6.2 Nvidia 9400 GPU, steam version of the game.
With directx9 and vcrun2005 installed in the bottle, DirectDrawRenderer="opengl" and OffscreenRenderingMode="fbo" in the Wine3D registry, started fine but got corrupted textures, adding VideoMemorySize="256" (in my particular case) fixed things. I'm running this in a virtual desktop, PixelShader enabled and VertexShaders set to hardware.
You still need to disable internet connections (so online play is not an option for now), menus look fine, only bug so far is the cursor (sits in a black box). As for this last issue and the online play, wine 1.1.36 solves them (tested on the same machine) so hopefully they will be there in the next crossover games releases.

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