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Status of "Dungeon Siege" under Crossover Mac 7.0... it works!
Posted 2008-04-26 10:54
"Dungeon Siege" works surprisingly well under Crossover Mac 7.0.  Has only the following issues that I can see:

a:  Installs fine, but you need a No-CD patch to play.

b:  The startup videos you see promoting the developers are all distorted and partially clipped.

c:  The in-game cursor has a square artifact surrounding it that appears to be some sort of mirroring of the surrounding game environment.  Works otherwise.

Aside from these 3 issues, it plays downright perfectly!  See screenshots taken by myself.
Genna Warner
Genna Warner
Posted 2008-11-12 08:14
I have installed it under 7.1.1 for Mac and it works without the need for the No CD patch. It detects the CD just fine. I have to admit the cursor is annoying and you don't have your portrait up in the upper left hand corner. Otherwise it runs fine. The intro are choppy and distorted as noted.

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